Travelling Foodie: Vegan Food at Wagamama, Birmingham (New Street Branch)

Recently I was invited down to the Wagamama restaurant on New Street in Birmingham to check out their vegan options and report back. Well, post honeymoon here I am and reporting back, as promised dear readers!

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Fruity Breakfast Muffins (low fat, refined sugar free)

Crammed full of cranberries, papaya and apple. Sweetened with bananas and coconut sugar. No eggs, no dairy. These fruity breakfast muffins are rapidly becoming a favourite staple snack in our house thanks to their reliance on simple store cupboard staples!

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Jammy Vegan Apricot & Almond Muffins

Sweet, sticky and moist, this recipe for vegan apricot & almond muffins is a great way to use up jam, and a sure fire way to want to have elevenses every hour until all the muffins are gone!

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Bright Beetroot & Garlic Sauce Zoodles (vegan, oil free)

A meatless meal that is sure to put a smile on anyones face… as long as they like the colour pink. And garlic. So – no vampires allowed here! Plus these super pink, beetroot & garlic sauce zoodles can even be ready in 5 minutes! Fast food at it’s finest!

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On the blog this month – August


Wow August went fast! I swear, I blinked on the 2nd and all of a sudden September arrived. Thankfully, that didn’t actually happen though, and I had plenty of posts to share with you – did you miss any?

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Superpowered Cacao & Maca Oat Cookies

What’s a girl to do with a VERY ripe banana – the kind that’s about three hours away from pure mush? Well, this girl made cookies! I mean, was I supposed to think of something else? Who doesn’t think of cookies at every opportunity? Except, these are actually superpowered cookies with things like cacao, maca and maple syrup instead of sugar. A triple threat cookie, if you will.

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Simple Mexican Bean Soup with Crispy Tortilla Chips

I swear, they put something in the water of spas that leaves you more tired than when you went in. I’m like a big, tired jelly whenever I come back from one! Said spa exhaustion led me to the wanting a zero effort, nutritious soup as soon as possible…

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Product Review: Yutaka Kimchi! *


What is kimchi and what’s all the fuss about? Read my review of Yutaka Kimchi and find out for yourself! Like – what’s in it? What kind of dishes can you make with it?

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Jack & Apple Cider Cocktail

I bring you…. something simple! And alcoholic, so not suitable for those under drinking age I’m afraid. This is a simple Jack Daniels & cider cocktail recipe that needs just three key ingredients and no fancy cocktail kit! Perfect for making in big batches for a party!

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