Simple Mexican Bean Soup with Crispy Tortilla Chips

What is it about relaxation that leaves one so exhausted? I spent a whole day being pampered and fed, and was utterly exhausted by the time I got home. And yet, despite having a rather large lunch I was ravenous come evening. So: tired? Check. Hungry?┬áCheck. Feeling the need for something nutritious and delicious after a little over indulgence? Check. What was my answer? Soup! Well, let’s face it, it was going to be a soup or a salad and I didn’t want the latter – but I did want something I could have with some tortilla chips I’d bought on impulse earlier. And so,┬ámexican bean soup arrived in my dinner bowl!

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Product Review: Yutaka Kimchi! *


What is kimchi and what’s all the fuss about? Read my review of Yutaka Kimchi and find out for yourself! Like – what’s in it? What kind of dishes can you make with it?

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Jack & Apple Cider Cocktail

I bring you…. something simple! And alcoholic, so not suitable for those under drinking age I’m afraid. This is a simple Jack Daniels & cider cocktail recipe that needs just three key ingredients and no fancy cocktail kit! Perfect for making in big batches for a party!

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Coconut & cherry muffins (aka. boob muffins)


Yes, the post title has the word boob in it but, I mean, come on – how could it not when the muffins have such (accidentally) artfully placed cherries on top? Even if you’re not a big fan of cherries, I beg you to at least try these chewy, vegan coconut & cherry muffins – they’re a brilliant 11am pick-me-up!

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Mum’s Cheesy, Creamy Vegan Lasagna *

Going cruelty free has also meant having to give up my mum’s legendary lasagna – however she was not to be deterred and delivered a delightful cheesy, creamy creation that was entirely vegan – and this is my (slightly more healthful) spin on it!

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One Pot Chilli (vegan, gluten free)

Get dinner ready with just one pan and in well under 30 minutes with this vegan one pot chilli recipe! Designed for weeknight meals or for a hot meal to enjoy whilst camping it’s so easy and tasty it’s almost unbelievable!

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On the blog this month – July


July was a busy month on the blog – what if you missed something? Well, don’t panic because I’ve rounded up all of these months posts in one place!

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