Easy Coconut & Vanilla Vegan Fudge

vanilla vegan fudge

Homemade fudge reminds me of being at school. One of my friends and her mum would make some truly amazing tablet fudge around Christmas time every year and every year, without fail, it was the best ever. Nothing I tried anywhere else was as good. Not at food shows, not at local fairs, not from fancy, posh brands… there was something extra special about their homemade fudge.

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Mum’s (Veganised) Sticky Apple Cake

Vegan Apple Cake

Cinnamon, apple puree, brown sugar and sultanas – the start of a perfect, easy vegan apple cake. Enjoy cold or warm… and may I suggest serving with custard for a delicious dessert!

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Superpowered Quinoa Vegan Risotto

Spirulina Quinoa Vegan Risotto

Spirulina doesn’t just have to be for smoothies anymore! Add it to this savoury quinoa vegan risotto for a fantastic nutritional boost. And, since it’s not really a risotto it’s also simple to make – perfect, right?

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Christmas Vegan Rocky Road

Christmas Vegan Rocky Road

Give simple vegan rocky road a wonderful Christmas twist with the addition of a little extra flavouring and a few festive ingredients. Plus, keep keep the costs down with a wholly dark chocolate mixture, sweetened and yet softened by cacao butter or coconut oil.

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Vegan Banana Flapjacks (sugar free)

Vegan banana flapjacks

Do you go bananas for bananas? Then you’ll love these vegan banana flapjacks! They’re naturally sweet from an abundance of bananas, sultanas and goji berries and utterly awesome (if I do say so myself).

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Easy Vegan Bean Burgers (gluten free)

Vegan bean burgers

I’m extremely fussy about my burgers – I never realised until recently. I’ve not met a shop bought one that I like yet, and rarely will I chance it at a restaurant in case they don’t live up to my memories of Mildreds. So, with that in mind, you can fully expect these easy vegan bean burgers to be awesome.

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What I ate today #2 – just your average vegan food

What I ate today 2 - vegan

Another “what i ate today” video – all vegan food but without any pretense or set ‘way’ of eating. No HCLF, no 80/10/10, no Raw. Just… vegan food. Shocking, I know. But I’m just your average vegan, I’m afraid. A porridge-loving, sausage-eating normal person. I’m sorry?

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Roasted Sweet Pumpkin Seeds

Sweet roasted pumpkin seeds with cinnamon

Next time you have any kind of pumpkin or squash, save those seeds. They’re basically all you need to make these sweet, crunchy, slightly addictive roasted sweet pumpkin seeds! Seriously! It’s a simple, easy, healthy snack that’s just begging to be made. Ready? Let’s go.

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