A Very Vegan Christmas (2016)

Vegan Christmas 2016

Today is largely a “Show, don’t Tell” post. I thought I’d share some snaps from my first Christmas as a fully on board ‘vegan‘ but one that was still shared with  my non-vegan family.

Christmas Day Breakfast

Vegan christmas day breakfast

For as long as my brother and I have been old enough to not demand the opening of presents at the crack of dawn, Christmas Day breakfast has been a luxurious affair with plates full of croissants, Bucks Fizz & coffee. Previously, my pastry of choice was a pain au chocolat. This year I was not going to miss out, and made my own from premade puff pastry! I also had a bowl full of fruit to try and at least attempt to make it slightly healthy.

I’ll be sharing my quick and easy vegan croissants recipe soon, so watch this space! It makes plain, “nutella” and chocolate croissants a right doddle.

Santa Mugs Me on Christmas Day! Silly Socks for Christmas Day

My First Bloggers Secret Santa!

This year I decided to take part in a ‘Bloggers Secret Santa’ organised by Serena at Pretty Wild Things (thanks Serena!). It turns out my Secret Santa was the lovely Jessica Kennedy and wow! I literally got a whole bag full of treats! I’ve already tucked into the Emily Veg Crisps (they never made it past Boxing Day) and you just know that Mini Moo is going to have a short life! Thanks Jessica!

Secret Santa Gifts

A Bit of a Wander

Much to my brothers chagrin, I have become one of “those people” who just likes to go for a walk with no destination in mind. I love the British countryside, and being able to simply walk along a country lane seems like a gift in itself.

Plus, after the mass of food eaten at breakfast, I really wanted to stretch my legs! I basically refused to consider dinner until we’d walked a little of it “off” and all gotten a bit of fresh air.

Christmas day walk

Christmas day walk

A Very Large, Very Vegan Christmas Dinner

Apparently, I have officially inherited my mother and grandmother’s inability to cook a small meal. I made enough cauliflower ‘cheese’ for at least six people, but only myself, my OH and my mum ate any. I think my step dad and brother were skeptical of the lack of dairy. Their loss!

So what did we have? Well, no lettuce, that’s for sure! There was…

  • Apricot & sage stuffing
  • Roast potatoes
  • Cauliflower ‘cheese’
  • Maple roasted parsnips
  • Orange & anise carrots
  • Cranberry & almond sprouts
  • Seitan and mushroom wellington

I am a bit in love with the cauliflower cheese and the stuffing, so I’ll make those a few more times this year, and then get them up on the blog for ya’ll once they’re perfected. Sound good?

Vegan christmas dinner

And then for pudding (several hours later!), I made chocolate lava cakes! I served them with fresh raspberries and Oatly single cream. They were divine! They were a little over done (so not so much lava-esque) but once I’ve fine tuned the recipe, I’ll be sure to share it here.

Vegan christmas day dessert

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