About me

That crazy face you see there is (somewhat unfortunately) mine. My name’s Luci. I’m a twenty-going-on-thirty-something food fanatic (I think the cool kids like the term “foodie” at the moment), currently living near Manchester with my amazing husband and our two adopted pet rabbits, Kristofferson Rabbit and Hermione Bunny. They even have their own Instagram account, if you want to see how cute they are!

Both my partner and myself are vegans, and have been enjoying this way of eating for over a year now! We like to eat a mostly whole foods, plant based diet, but we do also indulge in processed food (like meatless sausages and burgers) sometimes, and we like to indulge with chocolate and such occasionally too – we’re only human! And, I love to bake. So we have to balance out the constant supply of cupcakes, cookies and muffins somehow!

Why did I start cooking?

People who have known me for a long time and learn of my love of cooking are often kind of… bemused. I was not a child who cooked. Nor was I a child who liked food of all types. I certainly didn’t develop a love of it as a teenager either… As a student in Lincoln, I cooked on a need-to-live basis only – I’d cook up a batch of basic bolognese and turn it into my meals for the week. I’d burn chips (there’s a rather.. ahem… interesting story which involves alcohol, me falling asleep, and a lot of smoke. Oops) and eat a lot of toast and coco pops (dry, straight from the packet).

No, my love of food and cooking was a slow burner, originally born of necessity to be honest. As I mentioned, I was a fussy child (I’ve since apologised to my mother). I was also a pretty chubby child and teenager, to be perfectly honest. I laugh at it now, but when you are the chubby kid, and you know it, it’s horrible.

No, I learned to cook because:

  • I was fussy (basically). I would eat food if I knew what was in it. Otherwise, who knew what kind of madness might sneak it’s way in there?!
  • I wanted to lose weight and figured, if I cooked healthy meals that would be a heck of an improvement to ready meals and tins of store-bought sauces.

That evolved over the course of about three years into a love of all things food-related. I love baking, cooking, eating new foods and trying new restaurants. Where five-year-old (hell, let’s face it, twenty-year-old) me would’ve turned her nose up at a “new” food, I now happily tuck in. I’ve gone from hating avocados to loving them. Before I gave up fish, I went from hating tuna and not being able to be in the same room as an open tin, to absolutely adoring a tuna salad. Weird, huh?

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