On the blog this month – April

April round up - everything from hoisin (mock) duck to chocolate lava cakes!

As the business world would say, it’s the end of Q1! Translation: end of the first quarter of the year. And, whilst I’m remaining largely at my ‘one post a week’ level (more on that later) I finally released my first little ebook! It’s free and contains 10 easy ways to pimp your oatmeal (basically). That… basically took a whole week of my life!

Recipes from April

Reviews and other things

Slowing down, and writing books

So, posts have remained at about 1.5 times a week… on average. Every other week, if I have a post ready, I’m posting on a Wednesday and… I’m kind of happy with that pace right now. The world didn’t end when I started reducing the posts and I feel like my posts are better this way too. What do you think?

I’ve been trying to put more care into my Instagram photos, and I even jumped on the mermaid toast/unicorn trend! Head over to my IG for more.

This month I’ve had a couple of weeks off, before starting a new job at the beginning of May and I used the first week to finish a major goal: write a recipe ebook! I’m a little proud of myself! You can download it for free, simply by signing up to my newsletter. I send out a newsletter about once a fortnight because I personally don’t like getting too many emails! If I have enough to share, it might one day go up to once a week, but never more than that.

This month’s most popular posts

A surprise at first place! What’s going on! My vegan drinks at Costa Coffee post has proved way more popular than I ever thought it would. I wrote it mostly for my reference, to be honest. And now my most viewed post!

Costa Coffee Vegan Drinks

Vegan drinks and vegan food at Costa Coffee

Vegan rocky road

Irresistible Oreo Chocolate Cupcakes


So my intense consumption of books has slowed down a little – since I’ve been off work for two weeks, I’ve not had my usual hour-long spot. Still, I managed to read five books and start a sixth!

Gowns and Crowns, #1-#4* by Jennifer Chance. Looks like one book there, it’s actually four! The whole series is 6 books long, but the first four focus on the four original characters that were introduced, and 5-6 focus on two additional ones that only come in much later. I loved these books. They’re basically a modern fairy tale, and not trying to be anything else. Hey – even grown ups need fairy tales sometimes. Fairy tale escapism is good for the soul!

Dark Days Club, #1* by Alison Goodman. This is a supernatural period drama that I wasn’t expecting to like. I’m not usually interested in period dramas of any description but this one kept my interest – the female protagonist isn’t overly annoying and her transition to hero doesn’t come about quickly – indeed at the end of the book, she’s not totally there yet. It felt more believable. It’s also a love story (ahem, a small trend this month!) but not directly, more of a sub plot. I didn’t get the next in the series, but that’s only because I have a list of books to read as long as my armwhich I’d already delayed by my diversion into the Gowns and Crowns series.

What’s happening in May?

Well, I start my new job! So, new travel arrangements to get used to and figure out. It’ll probably take me a week or so to squeeze blogging in around my new schedule but don’t worry! I already have chocolate fudge muffins and copy cat Nakd energy balls up my ‘sleeve’ and even a sneaky cocktail behind my ‘back’!


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