What I ate today #2 – just your average vegan food

What I ate today 2 - vegan

I’ve gone and done it again – tried to record what I ate for a whole day! I’m trying to get more comfortable filming, and trying to decide which camera I prefer to use. I’ve got my DSLR, and my Point and Shoot…

Do you work with video?

If so, what’s your preference? I like the lenses on my DSLR, but I like the ease of my Point and Shoot for video. It’s much lighter and easier to position!

So what kind of vegan am I?

An unusual one, if YouTube is anything to go by – I don’t ascribe to any particular ‘way’ of eating. If it’s vegan food, it’s game! I eat what I want to eat, when I want. I stick to the traditional 3 meals a day, and snack when I’m hungry, which is up to twice a day.

Anyway, enough prattle – on with the video!

2 thoughts on “What I ate today #2 – just your average vegan food

  1. Can’t wait to watch This video. I love these ‘what I eat in a day’ ones. I’m also vegan & feature these in a blog post rather than a video :):)

    1. Oo that’s a good idea – I’ll nip on over to your blog and check them out! I’d considered adding a bit more detail to the video supporting posts but to be honest…. I keep forgetting!! xx

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