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I managed to keep up my new posting schedule – just about – in August and shared eight new recipes as well as a couple of new areas I’ve been toying with including vegan beauty product reviews. As August drew to a close, I admit I found keeping to my schedule increasingly difficult. Every evening had a non-food related task planned in, which often led very little time for recipe development… or even proper cooking to be honest! Seriously, check out my Instagram Stories if you’re in doubt.

I shared more savoury recipes in August, including an adaptation of my own mums lasagna! She used an eye-watering amount of cheese originally, so I made it slightly more healthful – however I’ve had a lot of requests on social media for the original, full cheese version so watch this space. I’m hoping to get it to you in October, since I’ll be away for (basically) all of September. Don’t worry though, I kept a few posts up my sleeve to keep you all from missing me too much. I mean, you’d miss me if I was gone, right?!

Moving on from that awkward question, here’s the roundup of posts all in one easy place, so you can check if you missed any!

Recipes from August

Reviews and other things


This month’s most popular posts

Well blow me down with a feather because there all three top spots have changed this month! Two are savoury, which leads me to think that sharing more vegan dinner and lunch ideas is something you would like. Let me know in the comments below, or on social media!

Spinach and sun dried tomato crustless vegan quiches

Cheesy, creamy vegan lasagna

Vegan rocky road


The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro

I caved and re-purchased this purely so I could finish it. The storyline had me firmly by the proverbial tenterhooks and there was no way I could get properly over it, so, I bought it again. I call these book hangovers by the way… does anybody else get them? When you can’t properly move on to a new book because you’re still thinking about the last! Anyway, I digress. I’m not sure how I feel about this one: actually, I am. I feel I missed the point. It was a lovely storyline between the two protagonists. There was twists. There was turns. But… I didn’t quite get it. I thought the book was about one thing, and then when I was done I read the reviews and it seems I might be the only person on the planet who thought that!

Rocking into September

I mentioned it earlier in the post: I’m away for most of September. I get married on the 7th (yikes!) and then jet off on my honeymoon for two, hopefully blissful, weeks. So, I’m sorry in advance if i’m a little quiet on social media. Well, not that sorry because I’ll be on holiday, but sorry not to give you all the attention that you deserve! There will be some muffins to try, and a healthy dinner idea involving courgettes and beetroot, some delicious cookies that I just had 

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