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August round up

Time flies, and apparently so does the first part of September! I totally forgot to finish this before going on holiday. I considered leaving this one out altogether, but I’d actually already prepped most of it in terms of recaps and such (below). So here it is, much delayed: what happened in August on the blog?

Recipes from August

Videos and other things

This month’s most popular posts

100% the same as last month! Brownies and coffee: you readers are after my own heart.

Vegan Oreo Brownies

Vegan Oreo Brownies

Starbucks (UK) Vegan Drinks

Costa Coffee Vegan Drinks

Vegan drinks and vegan food at Costa Coffee


Relentless Trilogy, by Karen Lynch. This is the second series in a row to give me a book hangover.

The Last Orphans and then The Harvest, by N.W. Harris. There is another in this series but, despite loving The Last Orphans – the second book just went rapidly down hill.

The Graces, by Laure Eve. An enjoyable, easy read – if utterly predictable and not very memorable (I’ve largely forgotten it already!)

What’s happening in September?

Well, first I’m off on my holi-bobs to Rhodes at the beginning of the month, and then it’s my wedding anniversary and my OH’s birthday, with a few other things to come up in-between I’m sure. Food-wise… I’m not sure. I’ve been a bit lacking inspiration, lately – any requests?

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