Baby Twins Morning Routine (7 months)

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Twin babies morning routine at 7 months

Yep, #MumLife is my life. I get a lot of comments from the general public about how they don’t know how I do it (with twins)/how they couldn’t do it (twins) etc. So I thought, well, why don’t I share my twins morning routine? I mean, there’s no secret: it’s basically just controlled chaos. Everything you do with one baby, you do twice and everything takes three times as long (work that one out!).

The only pause in the whole morning is while I eat breakfast – and I spend that time making sure they’re not choking, enticing them towards their own food and so on, as well as eating my own as quickly as possible. The daily clean up always seems monumental (to me!) as well, especially when they eat so little, but – those first sleepy morning grins? They make everything worthwhile. I have to admit though, as cute as they are, I do wish I got to see them after a full night more than 2 hours unbroken sleep.

My morning routine with (7 month old) twins video

TLDR/TLDW; my daily morning routine overview

  • Up and at ’em. Breastfeed the babies.
  • Nappies!
  • Baby-led breakfast for the kids, adult-led breakfast for me.
  • Jumperoos + dress the babies
  • Nap time (for the babies, not me)
  • Get dressed/brush teeth etc
  • Kitchen clean up

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