Below the Line 2015: Day 2

Thankfully today was better. I woke up with my headache not gone, but not as bad. Still, not enough energy to hit the gym which worries me. It’s only been a day and my energy levels are shot! Still, since I was up I decided to hit work early again and try for an evening gym session instead!

Day Two, The Meals

Day 2 Meals

  • Breakfast: 2 slices of homemade toast, 2 eggs scrambled
  • Lunch: Roasted Butternut Squash & Carrot Soup, 1 slice of homemade bread
  • Dinner: Squash & Pineapple Curry, served with homemade flatbreads and rice

I’d originally planned to make my curry tomorrow, but my soup serving is so meagre I decided to see if I could get 3 servings out of my curry and then have a little more soup for 2 days, with a curry for lunch another – it worked! I’ll need to have flatbread with the curry since it’s quite a small portion, but success!

How much did it cost?

I decided to work out how much each meal ‘cost’ based on the ingredients I bought with my £5, so here it is:

  • Breakfast: 20p (Eggs) + 2.6p (Bread)
  • Lunch: 9.9p (Soup) + 1.3p (Bread)
  • Dinner: 29.58p (Curry) + 2p (2 flatbread) + 1.2p (rice)
  • Total: 66.58p

Snack wise I had some pineapple (thank goodness it’s such a big thing!) and some (five, I counted) roasted butternut squash seeds. They taste a bit like pumpkin seeds, and I figure there will be something healthy in there. It’s a seed!

Energy wise, much better. I managed to make it to the gym but my performance was far from stellar. Still, a little exercise is better than none in my opinion. Tomorrow, I’ll try and hit the gym in the morning as I have plans in the evening. A little worried since I had my dinner at about 7.30pm (ish)… which means fasted training and a no-protein breakfast at about 9am. Hmm.

Anyway, another day done! I feel so grateful I can countdown – the billions in poverty have no such luxury and I will have to bear that in mind next time I’m grumbling about a meal.

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