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July round up - where there is a lot of cake!

Holy moly, July has been and gone. At some point, I forgot to even round up June! I’d blame.. anything, if there was something, but to be honest it was just life and my forgetfulness. I forget a lot of things – last week it was my train ticket to get to work, which meant I had to turn around and walk back home to fetch it, missing my usual train! Yeah, my memory isn’t reliable.

Thankfully, my new posting schedule of sharing something new once a week, on a Monday, is! What did I share in July? What were the most popular posts? Find out below.

Recipes from July

And in June:

Reviews and other things (including June)

What happened to June?

I just… forgot, to be honest! I only realised mid July that I should of posted a round up and by then it was far, far too late to do so. Life happens!

This month’s most popular posts

I don’t think it’s any surprise that the Oreo brownies are doing well – who doesn’t love Oreo-stuffed anything? I’m pretty surprised at how popular my vegan drinks at high street coffee chains in the UK are though – do you want more like this? Let me know where in the comments box below!

Vegan Oreo Brownies

Vegan Oreo Brownies

Starbucks (UK) Vegan Drinks

Costa Coffee Vegan Drinks

Vegan drinks and vegan food at Costa Coffee


I now get to read every, single, day – just on my commute to work. It’s heaven. I’ve yet to master the ‘reading whilst walking’ trick yet, but I have aspirations to one day achieve such bookworm heights.

The Touchstone Trilogy, by Andrea K. Höst. This series has given me a book hangover. It’s written from the protagonists point of view as a journal. It’s very much of the Young Adult, sci-fi/fantasy genre but… it really got in my head. I nearly gave up after the first line (it contains the f word, which I thought a bit gratuitous) but I’m glad I didn’t.

After Cilmeri (1-4), by Sarah Woodbury. Another that I considered marking as Did Not Finish – it’s set (largely) in the past, which isn’t my usual type of book. However, it was a ‘grower’ – I got more involved as the characters came into their own. I also kinda love the Welsh

Kings Cage (Red Queen 3), by Victoria Aveyard. After consuming the first in this series within a couple of weeks, I delayed purchasing the latest release because I felt I’d ‘had’ too much. As you can see from The Touchstone Trilogy, I get book hangovers quite easily. I waited a little while to calm down, then read Kings Cage this month. In a way, after so much happening in the first two, I felt a bit let down by this one. There was plot development, new characters, the arc moved on… but I wanted more. I guess that was the point, since it wasn’t the final one in the series!

Everything I Never Told You, by Celeste Ng. Without fantasy, science fiction or any kind of magic, this was an unusual choice. I don’t regret it – you’re left unsure of the reason behind the main question of the book until right at the end, and the characters feel very real.

(… and more. But this was getting too long! I have a GoodReads profile where you can see what I’m currently reading/just finished, and so on).

What’s happening in August?

I… have no idea. I’ve got myself a personal trainer at my gym once a week and am going to try to gain some muscle over the next 4-6 weeks. That means… less baking. Less licking the spoon taste testing cakes and things. However I have made some mocha flapjacks and been experimenting with my own vegan lemon curd recipe so I’ll finish my recipe development (as requested on my lemon cupcakes recipe) for that one, don’t you worry!

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