Cheats Cheap Cherry Bakewell Cocktail

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Cheats Cherry Bakewell Cocktail

There are a few things that I always look out for on any cocktail menu: a Dark & Stormy, anything with Licor 43 or Chambord, and Cherry Bakewell-theme cocktails (and after that is all the rest of the dessert-theme cocktails). What can I say? I like my sweet drinks! I’ve yet to make the perfect Dark & Stormy, but I have got a favourite easy Cherry Bakewell cocktail.

Cheats Cherry Bakewell Cocktail

Despite Dark & Stormy’s being at the top of my cocktail request list, generally, my tastes run a lot sweeter. Essentially, I like my cocktails to not taste like alcohol. This also means that I have to constantly remind myself to drink them slowly, you know? Just because the pretty drinks taste like pop, doesn’t mean that you can drink them for hours and still stand up quickly with zero effects!

I can’t be the only one that that’s happened to, right?


Cheats Cherry Bakewell Cocktail

Love Cherry Bakewells?

Trust me, if you love the almond and cherry sweetness of a Cherry Bakewell, a Cherry Bakewell cocktail is the one for you. The beauty of making them at home is you can control the strength as well: these aren’t too strong, and I mix them up with a good dose of lemonade.

If you’d rather have them weaker, you could

  • Add more lemonade and cherry cordial – add a dash of almond extract if you love the almond flavour
  • Reduce the amaretto, ditch the Licor 43

If you’d rather have something stronger, just do the reverse but please drink responsibly.

Cheats Cherry Bakewell Cocktail

Sweet cherry cordial, almond amaretto, a few more ingredients, and you've just about got a homemade, cheap Cherry Bakewell cocktail!
Prep Time 2 minutes
Total Time 2 minutes
Servings 2


  • Ice cubes
  • 100 ml cherry cordial
  • 100 ml amaretto
  • 200 ml lemonade
  • 50 ml Licor 43 optional
  • 4 glace cherries rinsed (optional)


  • Mix together the cordial, amaretto, lemonade and Licor 43 (if using).
  • Add the ice cubes and 1 glace cherry to a glass, pour over the liquid and garnish with the remaining cherry
Cheats Cherry Bakewell Cocktail

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