Costa Coffee Vegan Drinks

Vegan drinks and vegan food at Costa Coffee

Ever find yourself walking into a coffee shop – especially the chain ones that are like, every ten feet, and feeling overwhelmed by the generic menu boards and no obvious allergen menu? And let’s not forget the queue of impatient people that don’t want to hang around! Well, here’s my solution to that, one chain at a time. This time: vegan Costa Coffee drinks!

I’ve gotten tired of constantly Googling this, so I’ve decided to create my own guide. It’s a bit like what happened with constantly stopping at Welcome Break service stations… this is here as much for you guys, as it is for me!

So, without further adieu, my guide for Costa Coffee vegan drinks (and snacks). Including a few tasty Costa Coffee drink hacks.

Last updated: January 2019. Source: Allergen menu 

Vegan drinks and vegan food at Costa Coffee

Vegan-friendly drinks

Hot drinks

Coffee – with soy, almond or coconut milk substitutes

  • Americano
  • Cappuccino
  • Cortado
  • Caramel Cortado
  • Flat White
  • Latte
  • Macchiato

Tea and Hot Chocolate

  • Hot Chocolate (no whipped cream or marshmallows)
  • Thoroughly Minted
  • The Earl
  • Citrus & Ginger
  • Simply Sencha
  • Everyday Tea
  • English Breakfast Decaf

Cold drinks


Want to know what’s vegan at Starbucks?
  • Iced Americano
  • Iced Espresso
  • Iced Ristretto
  • Iced Cappuccino
  • Iced Popcorn Cappuccino
  • Iced Latte
  • Iced Chai Latte
  • Iced Chocolate
  • Iced Cortado
  • Iced Espresso Macchiato


  • White Cold Brew

Frostino’s and Coolers

  • Coffee Frostino
  • Belgian Chocolate Frostino
  • Belgian Chocolate Coffee Frostino
  • Creamy Strawberry Frostino (regular, not the limited edition)
  • Mint Chocolate Chip Frostino (regular, not the limited edition)
  • Red Summer Berries Fruit Cooler
  • Mango And Passion Fruit Cooler
  • Coconut And Watermelon Fruit Cooler

Additions/notable vegan-friendly ingredients

  • Belgian Dark Chocolate Sauce
  • Buttermint sauce
  • Cappuccino Dusting/Magic Cocoa Dust
  • Caramel Vermicelli
  • Chocolate Pieces
  • Raspberry Flavoured Sauce

Vegan-friendly syrups

  • Caramel (inc sugar free)
  • Hazelnut
  • Vanilla
Seasonal syrups at Costa Coffee

Seasonal Specials at Costa Coffee

As with most coffee chains in the UK, Costa Coffee likes to bring out seasonal specials. Christmas is the most obvious one, but summer and autumn bring temporary drinks too.

Christmas drinks that are vegan-friendly:

  • Soy gingerbread latte

Unfortunately all the speciality hot chocolates (Lindt hot chocolate, mint hot chocolate, black forest hot chocolate, toasted marshmallow hot chocolate) are still not suitable due to the milk powder in their cocoa mix.

Vegan-friendly seasonal special syrups:

  • Cinnamon
  • Gingerbread (inc sugar free)

Drinks to avoid

  • Lindt Hot Chocolate
  • Mocha Cortado
  • Babyccino
  • Sweet & Low sweeter
  • Spice Apple Juice

Costa Coffee Vegan Secret Menu?

The Starbucks “Secret Menu” is absurdly well known, but I like to toy with the menu (and poor baristas tempers) at all coffee places. If they have vegan syrups, it’s fair game in my book! Why not try one of these out next time you’re at Costa?

  • Cinnamon roll latte: Vanilla soy latte with cinnamon syrup
  • Cinnamon french toast latte:  Hazelnut soy latte with cinnamon syrup
  • Caramel snickerdoodle latte: Caramel soy latte with cinnamon and vanilla syrups
  • Cake batter latte: Vanilla soy latte with hazelnut syrup

Can you tell I have a thing for cinnamon??

Vegan food at Costa Coffee

Historically speaking, Costa Coffee has been my least favourite haunt when I want something to eat and drink, however, as of 2019, things are… improving? I mean don’t get me wrong, they’re not my top choice (yet?) but at least I don’t groan when they’re the only thing around. I tend to just get toast and marmite, right now. My children like to steal pieces and gumming the crusts keeps them occupied for five minutes, so it’s a win-win order.

Unfortunately, they do have a nasty habit of removing one item and replacing it with another, rather than extending their range to more items. Remember than Oaty Jam Bake? Gone. But they have a cookie (instead)… which I can’t eat because it contains pecans. I’m a bit bitter about that.


  • White/Brown Toast (no butter) – sunflower spread; marmalade, marmite or jam


  • Red Thai Curry Pot
  • Tomato & Basil Soup

Sweets, Snacks and other bits

  • Sticky Toffee & Pecan Cookie
  • Fruit Pot
  • Natural Mixed Nuts
  • Naturally Sweet Dried Mango
  • Costa Dark Chocolate
  • Maple Granola and Coconut
  • Raspberry Coconut and Seed Sprinkle
  • Mixed Berry Compote

What’s my order?

My favourite vegan drink to order at Costa Coffee is (at the moment)  primo soy mocha.

What’s yours? Comment below!

32 thoughts on “Costa Coffee Vegan Drinks

  1. I don’t think the chai latte is vegan I’m quite sure they use Drink Me Chai white contains cow’s milk??

    1. Hi Donna,
      I double checked their current allergen guide and acccording to that, it’s dairy free and suitable for vegans 🙂 I checked both the powder reference and the drinks themselves and it all says it’s fine.

    1. Good spot – not sure if I got them confused with their brand of bean (which also has “mocha”) in the name, or if the menu there has updated… either way, the post has been updated. Thank you so much, James! I’ve checked the Soy Iced Chocolate and that’s still OK, and the good news is the Superday Smoothies are now marked as Vegan too!

  2. According to their allergen list the mocha cooler and mocha latte cooler are vegan. Is this wrong then? And on another vegan forum about Costa people were saying that their hot chocolate and mocha are both vegan. It’s just the issue of possible cross contamination that may be an issue for some. And i’m not strict on products that may contain traces of dairy.

    1. Hiya, in their online sheet neither says ‘Yes’ for vegans, unless you’re looking at their coffee blend (called Mocha Italia), so that’s marked as vegan on the sheet

      That said, the mocha drinks are all said to be unsuitable for vegans even when made with soy milk. But that looks to be a cross-contamination issue with the milk only.

      With regards to the hot chocolate, it’s the same – cross contamination, not the product itself (only if you skip the marshmallows and whipped cream).

      Hope this helps! 🙂

      1. The hot chocolate powder is vegan but may contain milk because of cross-contamination. I work at Costa and the mocha and chocolate coolers are made with the dark chocolate sauce and not the hot chocolate powder (the chocolate sauce is vegan) and also the caramel fudge syrup is vegan (the caramel sauce isn’t)

  3. Hey, just wondering about the iced drinks, I think the iced soy chocolate still has milk in?
    Also do you know if any of the frostino ones are adaptable? I was wondering whether it’s the powder they use or if it’s just the drizzle, so could be ordered without drizzle?

    1. Sorry about the delay, I’ve been waiting on Costa for a proper reply! They confirmed on Twitter today that they Soy Iced Chocolate is suitable for vegans – the tweet is here

      For the Frostino’s – some of them are OK with a couple of modifications, some of them aren’t. I’ve updated the post above to include them 🙂

  4. None of the chocolate drinks (hot chocolate, mocha, mocha latte etc) are vegan regardless of using soya milk. There is milk in the chocolate powder.

    1. Hiya – according to their allergen menu, actually in the case of the regular hot chocolate and mocha latte, it’s a cross contamination only 🙂

  5. Thank you so much for this! I’m going vegan in September (I know it sounds very planned but I’m cutting down now ans am going to go vegan when I get to uni, ahah) Coffee, specifically from Starbucks and Costa are my weakness. I’ve been trying to look through Costas own list of coffee ect and couldn’t figure out if the Mocha (My fave) was vegan so this REALLY helped haha, thank you so much!! <3

  6. hi i was just wondering about there summer caramel fudge cooler because on their website it says not suitable but it’s says that about all cooler as they come with cream as standard???

    1. The nutritional menu says “No” but let me see if I can find out from Costa themselves if it’s just the whipped cream that makes it no sfv 🙂

  7. I work at costa and I’m vegan. Caramel fudge syrup/sauce/topping and chai contain milk.

    All the chocolate drinks/toppings are fine when made with soya and so is the mint and strawberry.

    1. Hi Barry,

      Thanks for the update – you should tell your manager I guess that they need to update the nutritional guide: Chai Latte is showing as vegan when made with soy milk, as is the caramel syrup. I’ll call out the caramel fudge syrup difference in the post – thanks again 😀


    1. I think it’s mostly because of the marshmallow. The guide says that it just has a cross contaminate for milk, but is listed as unsuitable for vegans SO… it would probably be alright if served without the marshmallow, but you might want to check in person first (or ask them on Twitter – they’re usually pretty good on there)

    1. Hiya – for the hot chocolate and the mocha latte it’s a cross-contamination warning (C) rather than present (Yes) – providing it’s served without whipped cream 🙂

    1. Looks like it got moved around between allergen updates – it’s no longer on there at all, so I’ve removed it completely until it cycles back onto the menu again x

  8. Costa Coffees vegan options have really improved since last year! They now have Tomato Soup, and their new Jam Oaty Bite! Plus the Rhythm 108 ‘Tea Biscuits’!

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