My transition to cruelty-free: treats

My transition to cruelty-free: giving up treats

So, I’ve covered things like eggs and dairy specifically, now I thought, as a final post on the subject of my food transition to a plant-based diet, I’d cover things like cakes, cookies, and other treats… You know the ones! The ones that call to you from the supermarket shelves, or that your colleague brings in and tempts you with! Or that plate of biscuits that a family member puts on the table during a catch up, or that bag of sweets that used to be kept in the car to nibble on during traffic jams and long journeys.

It took some willpower… to begin with

I’ll be honest – in the beginning it takes a conscious effort. The temptations were at their worst at places like coffee shops, where you can (nearly always) get at least a soy milk coffee, but their delightful displays of little puddings, muffins, bars and other delicious temptations are all full of eggs, butter and milk products. My fiancé used to have a penchant for a sticky toffee muffin at one coffee shop, or a lemon curd stuffed muffin at another.

As I’ve mentioned before – this was one of my motivators to prove to myself that anything can be baked without egg and dairy products. It doesn’t change the fact that at said coffee shops, there’s usually nothing to be had. A few have a token gesture – Costa have a little crumble snack bar, but to be honest, it’s far too sweet for me! I tried one bite and that was it! Instead, I do this instead: I order exactly what I want.

Crazy, I know. But rather than thinking, “oh I’ll get a tea, so I can have a cake too“, I just order the exact drink I want at that moment – whether that’s a fruit smoothie, frappuccino, cappuccino… fruit tea, americano, iced coffee… a bottle of orange juice! For me, becoming a vegan hasn’t been about deprivation, it’s been a choice. I can eat those muffins, of course I can! But I choose not to. For me, acknowledging that was what made those early days possible, and I still correct Adam when he says “there’s nothing we can have”, actually!

Becoming a vegan hasn’t been about deprivation, it’s been a choice

What about in the workplace?

I admit this was, in a way, already done. When I chose a few years ago to start eating healthier, a part of that process was not mindlessly snacking on sweets as I passed them in the office: if there was a box of chocolates out, especially around Christmas time, I used to be right up there with the rest grabbing one each time I went by. And let’s face it, often I’d think of a reason to walk by, to get a sweet! These days, I think about it first. Do I just want a sweet? Am I hungry, or just bored? Now, of course, I add on: is it Vegan? Often, the answer is no so it doesn’t matter! If the answer to the previous question is yes, then I take a minute to check in with myself. It doesn’t always work: if there are Vegan treats sometimes I have one just because they’re Vegan! But 95% of the time, it’s only one.

The thing is, there are alternatives for everything!

I haven’t researched everything, but bear with me. I have yet to find a food or drink that doesn’t have some kind of Vegan alternative! Here’s just a small list of things I’ve found alternatives of:

  • dark, milk and white chocolate
  • caramel chocolates
  • biscuits
  • fudge
  • ice cream
  • jelly beans
  • whipped cream
  • single cream
  • milks
  • cheeses
  • sour cream
  • cream cheese
  • sausages
  • burgers
  • steaks
  • jerky
  • wine
  • cider
  • beer

I could go on… I’d list things like cookies and cupcakes, but ya’ll already know they are! If not, why not check out one of my recipes? Chocolate Oreo cupcakes are always a popular choice, or try the lemon, peach and thyme muffins for something a bit lighter!

And that’s a wrap!

I think I’m going to call it a day on writing about my transition to a plant-based diet – unless anyone has any specific requests, in which case just let me know in the comments!

I just wanted to share with you all that it doesn’t have to be intimidating. It’s not about being perfect. It doesn’t have to be overnight (if you are thinking of trying it). It’s not about deprivation or restriction. It can be fun, and interesting, and a bit of an adventure really. There is life at the end of the last sausage sandwich: it’s a Linda McCartney sausage sandwich next time, instead!

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