Recipe Review: Deliciously Ella Granola

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Deliciously Ella granola recipe review

If you’ve seen my Instagram, Youtube vlogs, or my other granola recipe then you know that well… I have to make granola pretty often! Usually,  I just make it up. Sometimes though, I do follow other peoples recipes! I recently made Deliciously Ella’s granola and thought I’d share my experience with making and eating it, since I figure if you’re making vegan granola it’s a good place to start and I, personally, love reading what other people thought of just about everything (my mum would probably say “That’s because you’re nosy” about now. Hi mum!)


The list for Deliciously Ella granola (crunchy orange, coconut & vanilla flavour) is pretty long, and largely par for the course for granola with things like oats, raisin, nuts and seeds.

There’s a large amount of maple syrup (160ml) – well, in my opinion, it’s a lot, since it’s basically the entire bottle I usually get from the supermarket (there’s about 2 tablespoons left)
If you’re not a cinnamon addict like me, the amount of 4 teaspoons, might be a little more than you have in, or your entire store.
The only unusual ingredient is vanilla powder. Commonly, in the UK, most people use vanilla extract and that’s exactly what I used instead.

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Deliciously Ella granola recipe review


There’s no servings or yield on the recipe page. I can say it made… a lot. I filled two oven trays with the stuff before it went into the oven, and when it came out I filled one large glass jar and a plastic Tupperware box. Altogether, it lasted about 8 large breakfasts (big bowls of just granola and dairy free milk, which my husband enjoys first thing in the morning), and a few smoothie bowl toppings for me.

The taste test

Very sweet! That was the first impression. That and it’s more like some kind of… toasted muesli than the granola I usually make. The orange twist is great and I like the idea of adding the raisins after the bake, rather than before. I’ve mentioned before that you have to be really careful with raisins since they burn so easily, and keeping them ‘raw’ actually works great since the raisins stay sweet, with no bitter edge that comes from slightly burnt raisins.

Deliciously Ella granola recipe review


The whole bottle of maple syrup required make this a pretty expensive recipe to make, and it ends up a little too sweet for my granola taste. I do like the orange addition though. It makes plenty, definitely, which offsets the cost of the maple syrup I guess. However, ‘makes plenty’ for us lasted about 8-9 breakfasts for my husband (and I stole a little for a smoothie bowl).

Would I make it again? No… but yes. Let me explain before you roll your eyes.
The no: personally, it’s sweeter than I like in a granola. Day to day, first thing in the morning, I generally like to use fruit as my sweetener, rather than processed syrups. I also like my granola to be more… cluster-y. This felt more akin to muesli. However, I’ll take lessons learnt here and use them moving forward – I’ll happily add orange to future granola recipes (I have a fab idea for some festive, Christmas-sy granola growing in my brain as I type), and I’ll add raisins after baking from now on.
The yes: if I make granola for other people I’ll definitely consider making this Deliciously Ella granola recipe.  I think most people would like the extra sweetness that a bottle of maple syrup adds!

Deliciously Ella granola recipe review

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