A Month of Mondays: February ‘Meatless Monday’ Meal Plan

So, it’s already the 10th February and this post is already just going up. I’m sorry! Life, is, unfortunately, inescapable. I didn’t want to post up the PDF with absolutely zero photos and I haven’t had time to cook and photograph everything before February came up. Perhaps I was a bit ambitious with this idea, but I’m gonna stick with it. Hopefully it’s helping you out, or at least inspiring a meatless meal once a week.

What does the February vegan meal plan include?

In the free downloadable meal plan as well as the meat-free vegan meal plan, I’ve also included a shopping list, split by week, that you can tick off as you go. Somehow the years shortest month has five Mondays, go figure. On the last week, we’re cutting ourselves a break and cooking a double batch to freeze and eat again the next week, just with a slightly different accompaniment. Instead of cooking on the 29th, why not treat yourself to a cheeky 30 minutes of yoga. Or television. Or colouring. Or have a nap?

As with last month, I’ve also highlighted common staples that you might have lurking in the back of a cupboard, like cayenne pepper and balsamic vinegar.

How your next five Mondays dinners will look

Keep checking back for the recipes

I’ll be posting the relevant recipe, if it’s not already available and linked above, each Monday so be sure to check back each week to get the instructions for that recipe. Or you can sign up to my newsletter and click the option to get the recipe updates as soon as they’re posted. Now, enough of the chatter.

Download February’s Vegetarian Meal Plan

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