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February blog posts round up

So, I’m putting this out there: my January dovetailed into a lousy February. There were highlights, of course (including being spoilt rotten with a brand new Kindle!), but largely… low lights. I think that’s shown itself in the largely sweet, often baked recipes that I shared this month!

Recipes from February

Reviews and other things

This month’s most popular posts

There was a sneak attack last month that rocketed up my most visited posts list – my refined sugar free banana flapjacks! I must say, you guys are right to be giving them a go!

Vegan Banana Flapjacks (refined sugar free)

Vegan banana flapjacks

Irresistible Oreo Chocolate Cupcakes

Vegan rocky road


Red Queen* and Glass Sword* by Victoria Aveyard. I actually purchased Glass Sword at a book store without knowing it was the second in a series! I got about 3 pages in before realisation hit. Cue: Red Queen. Brilliant. I was eager to see what happened to the character, despite not overly liking her. I preferred the pacing and storyline of the Red Queen to the Glass Sword, but as the third book is now out, that might be why: it felt like a filler, almost. Lots happened, but nothing was really “finished”.

The Blackout* by Stephanie Erickson. I got this after seeing it for something like 99p on BookBub and thought it was worth a try, not expecting much. Actually, it’s really good. A bit of an post-apocalyptic story told from the view point of two protagonists. An easy read that wasn’t too dire (it’s not Walking Dead apocalyptic)

The Perseid Collapse* by Steven Konkoly. This was… a bit of a chore. As in, it felt like reading a manual sometimes! The descriptions of tech gear and guns felt very surplus to requirements. There’s a good mystery that I do want to get to the bottom of but.. the characters are a little much and at the moment, with the aforementioned “manual” feeling, I’m not planning on reading the rest. Yet. It’s at the bottom of my “to read” list, shall we say (and it’s a long list).

What’s happening in March?

I think I’m going to scale back my posting schedule a little whilst I get back on top of… well, life. For the time being I’ll post at least once a week, but twice a week will be as and when I have something to say/share. I’d rather share less often but good recipes, rather than more often but just trying to get posts up last minute!

As I mentioned in the opening round up, I’m riding the sweet tooth train hard at the moment. That and wanting comfort food! So don’t be surprised if some more recipes of that elk show up here soon. I really want to share my millionaires shortbread recipe soon too, but I’m trying to perfect the caramel at the moment. Damn thing doesn’t always set for me!


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  1. Yum, yum, yum. These recipes are to die for! I love the amount of choice there is for vegans as well, definitely going to share this with my vegan friends.


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