I’ve been shortlisted for the Health Blog Awards!

So, today was a bit special! I clicked a tweet link to check out who was shortlisted for the Vegan Blog category in the Health Blog Awards. I wanted to cast my vote, and having received my rejection email a while back was content to be a happy viewer, rather than participant in the awards.
Well, knock me down with a feather because my little blog was listed there! I’m not ashamed to say I literally ran over to some people in the office and proceeded to engage in a very embarrassing “happy dance” that continued for about three verses. Turns out there was some confusion in the emails and some folks got the wrong email.

I still can’t believe that I made the shortlist. Or that other people visit this blog, or that other people might like this blog! I write on here because I use this as an outlet for my love of food, and writing about food. And talking about food. And eating food! That other people visit it still astounds me. I mean, my kitchen rambles?

So, thank you!

I’m so grateful and thankful for each and every one of you.
When this blog started, I wasn’t a vegan, and I feel like as I have transitioned to my new plant based lifestyle, so has the blog – and I’ve ended up bringing all of you along for the ride. As I discover great, healthy recipes for old meaty favourites, I’ve shared them here. I’ve written about how I gave up cheese, and my beloved dippy eggs, in case it might help anybody else too. And as I continue my baking adventures as a Vegan, I’m finding that all the baked goodies in the world can still be created, without the eggs and butter and often without anything too complicated (or expensive) as a substitute.

What you, each, think of my blog and it’s content is so important to me, I literally get up and have a little dance when I get a comment, or a tweet, or a Facebook like – anything at all! So, thank you for being here. Thank you for trying out the recipes. Thank you for your feedback on my lifestyle posts.

Vote for Made by Luci in the ‘Best Vegan Blog’ category.

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