A Month of Mondays: January ‘Meatless Monday’ Meal Plan

New year, new content! Yup, I used my time off from creating websites for a popular credit card company to… work on my website. Well, do what you know and all that! Plus, this involves food. Isn’t everything more fun when it involves something edible?

So I want to help you into the new year with a simple meal plan that you can plan for – make your Monday dinners easy and cheap to prepare by trying out Meatless Mondays! And get a whole month of ideas up front, including the shopping list. Some recipes are up on here already, others I’ve got to fine tune and photograph so will come on in time for the appropriate date (fingers crossed, disasters pending).

What does the January vegetarian meal plan include?

In the free downloadable meal plan (completely vegan this month, by the way!) as well as the meat-free vegetarian meal plan, I’ve also included a shopping list, split by week, that you can tick off as you mooch round the supermarket (although I get I am probably the only person who actually takes a pen to the shop and does that) – plus I’ve highlighted common staples that you might have lurking in the back of a cupboard, like coco powder and curry powder.

How your next four Mondays dinners will look

As you can see, there’s more than one soup. This is largely because I spend most of January hearing how friends, loved ones, colleagues and random people in the street that I either over hear or encounter, are on a “diet” or trying to “be good” after the indulgences of Christmas. As such, I find that a healthy and nutritious soup is often a popular dinner option. Plus, these are two of my favourites, so I like to spread the soup-loving joy. Every month will not be the same, so if you’re not a big soup lover just bear with me and promise to at least try the two for this month. They’re delicious, trust me!

Keep checking back for the recipes

I’m only human, and can only refine and perfect so many recipes at once, and the thing about this being a month in advance is that I have that long to catch up with any fine tuning or photography before you all need the recipe! I have a saying at work, in fact: I have but two hands. Don’t we all! So, if there’s a recipe without a link don’t panic – simply check back in when it’s time is due, or sign up to my newsletter and click the option to get the recipe updates as soon as they’re posted!

Download January’s Vegetarian Meal Plan

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a month of mondays: January 2015 vegetarian meal plan

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