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January Round up - everything from lentil chilli to healthy chocolate oatmeal!

Ah January, the month everybody hates. It seems 90% of people are either in the gym, on a diet, or saying they’re ‘cutting back’ on X, Y or Z. To be fair, I’m the same except it was more of a “just stop over indulging, Luce!” than anything. We eat a mostly whole foods, entirely plant-based diet already, so I just re-centred our meals around that again, instead of creating seitan roasts and chocolate lava cakes! And, by and large, the blog echoed that I think, aside from a couple of deviations…

I’m not sure how, but somehow I posted eight new recipes in January! I mean, I know it’s a long month but… crikey I didn’t realise that until I was totting it up for the list below! Crikey! And on top of that I made four videos! Are ya’ll getting sick of me? What was your favourite recipe and/or video?

 Recipes from January

Reviews and other things

This month’s most popular posts

The usual suspects are the majority of the top spots, but we also have a sneaky new third place entry – my chunky carrot, ginger and kale soup! I actually haven’t made it a while myself, but seeing it again has got me fantasizing about wrapping my hands round a hot, healthy bowl of yum.

Vegan rocky road

Irresistible Oreo Chocolate Cupcakes

Chunky Carrot, Ginger & Kale Soup


Big Magic:Creative Living Beyond Fear* by Elizabeth Gilbert. This was something I asked for at Christmas after having heard several bloggers mention it on the the Chopped podcast and it really was good. I don’t know if it was as life changing as some people describe, but it certainly did inspire and motivate me to do more of what I love, more often.

Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen* by Richa Hingle. Another fulfilled Christmas wish! I’ve been a follower of Richa’s blog for what seems like years (it probably is, actually) so getting her recipe book was always going to be on the cards. I’ve only tried a couple of the recipes so far, but both have been easy to follow and, as usual, delicious.

Trace of Magic* by Diana Pharaoh Francis. A fiction book! It’s sort of a modern day science fiction, only slightly adjusted from our reality with some people having a ‘power’ and magic. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started this one, so I started skeptical…. and was then absolutely hooked. I was surprised to find that I was desperate to know how everyone got on, what the outcomes would be and, at the end, I’ve already promised myself I’ll get the next in the series.

Ancient Guardians: The Legacy of of the Key (Book One)* by S.L.Morgan. Another fiction book, however I didn’t like this one. It read like… well like a poor fanfiction, most of the time. Obviously just my opinion, but it just.. it was very obvious – every plot turn, every ‘twist’, every outcome… which I wouldn’t of minded if it didn’t read like fanfiction I wrote when I was about thirteen. It’s nothing personal, Ms Morgan!

What’s happening in February?

Things might be a little quiet around here, but I’ll try and make sure to post at least once a week. We’ve had a shock within our family and obviously that’s where my priorities are right now. You’re probably more likely to see me on the M6 going to, or coming back, from the Midlands than in the kitchen developing recipes right now. However, I have got a couple of recipes like mushroom stroganoff and a butternut squash and apple soup already semi-ready so you can look forward to those at least!


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