On the blog this month – July

July round up of recipes and t'ings

I’m not certain but I think July might have had more posts than ever before. It’s also marked a massive change in things at home, as my fiance now works away Monday through Friday, so I have less time for well, everything, since that leaves me to look after the rabbits and the house. Oh plus there’s that impending Big Day getting ever closer, with a “to do” list that seems to only get longer. What’s that about? I sweat I cross three things off and yet five more appear!

So, what did July hold? Well, a heck of a lot of posts, somehow! Including six new recipes – ranging from healthy salads with spicy dressings to squidgy, chocolate brownies! I also shared my first recipe for a drink – and of course it was a cocktail! I also wrote about feeling sad and happy at the same time, shared how I set up my blog and even dipped my toe into a little bit of beauty blogging (such that my night routine is!).

July brought with it a new regular post schedule (which I mentioned in July’s roundup) – I post now every Monday and Wednesday, with occasional forays into Friday posts if I have something extra to say and Thursday Thoughts remains an occasional “special edition” if you like because… well I like the name.

Recipes from July

Reviews and other things

However I do have a confession: getting more posts up and keeping them spot-on at the same time as having less free time, has meant my ebook recipe book is a little… sidelined at the moment. I’m sorry! I need more hours in the day – it is still coming, just a little delayed. I promise! If you want to see what it’s like in the life of little old me, don’t forget you can catch me on Snapchat with the username lucirebecca, or read a daily mini-ramble on Instagram!

This month’s most popular posts

After two months of that Oreo cupcake recipe taking the top spot, we have a new most popular post for July: and it’s savoury!

Crispy Chickpea Salad with Lemon & Pepper Dressing

Smoky sweet potato and lentil burgers

Chocolate Oreo Cupcakes


None! I was reading The Buried Giant by Kazuo Ishiguro but I left it in the canteen at work and somebody walked off with it… without handing it back in.

August? Bring it on!

I seriously can’t believe August is here but… here it is and here it will stay. What’s on the cards? Well I’ve been perfecting an indulgent oatmeal recipe inspired by a Starbucks drink, have a trusty one-pan chili that even has a video planned in and I’ve been wanting to try kimchi for ages so I’m going to finally rip that spicy band aid off and let you know how it goes! Don’t forget you can subscribe to get posts straight to your inbox using the little form below!

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