A Month of Mondays: March ‘Meatless Monday’ Meal Plan

Yay for organisation ahead of time! There are a couple of recipes I still need to shoot, but I promise to have them up and ready for you to try in a timely fashion. I’m also going to start including previous recipes that have been on previous meal plans – this isn’t about learning new meals each and every week (in my opinion): it’s about making meatless food accessible, making ‘meatless’ and ‘vegan’ less scary or an odd unknown. It’s about keeping things cheap too! Plus, if you bought garlic powder or red lentils, but only use it for my recipes or vegan meal plans, we might as well keep using those things.

What does the March vegan meal plan include?

With the above having been said, I’ve still got three new recipes this month: carrot & coriander soup (but really, that one is pretty much a boil & blend, you’ll be fine!), a delicious smoky mac n cheese (for which I regularly lick the saucepan clean of the sauce, it’s that good! Again, pretty much a boil and blend job), and a sausage and mash meal with a twist. Since we only need a bit of butternut squash for the mac n cheese, I figured it makes sense to use it up! I will not actively suggest food waste, and your remaining butternut squash will keep fine in the fridge for a week. Mine frequently lives on for two weeks before getting used up.

In the free downloadable vegan meal plan, I’ve also included a shopping list, split by meal. If you’re the printing type, you could even print it off and tick off each item as you go.

The month ahead

Keep checking back for the recipes

I’ll be posting the relevant recipe, if it’s not already available and linked above, each so be sure to check back each week to get the instructions for that recipe. Or you can sign up to my newsletter and click the option to get the recipe updates as soon as they’re posted. Now, enough of the chatter.

Download March’s Vegan Meal Plan

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