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May round up of recipes, reviews, books and more


As promised last month, I put together several more vegan breakfast recipes in May – despite my daily obsession with oats, I tried to mix it up a bit with some pancakes (another obsession, one that’s sadly limited often to Sunday mornings!) and a stable of warmer months, smoothie bowl.

But, since I keep needing new ideas for my lunches, I kept on with those too! I’m back on to soup at the moment since the weather has turned again – but it seems to have a mind of it’s own, the British weather, and sometimes I’ll end up with hot soup on a beautiful, sunny day went I want a nice, crisp salad; and vice versa!

I also shared my favourite Oreo cupcake, and a sort of ‘trolly dash’ supper that we have once in awhile (usually when I can resist the pull of dumplings no longer!)

This month’s most popular posts

Well, after a certain Oreo related recipe got shared by Finding Vegan on their Facebook page, it was kind of obvious to me what was going to be in the number one spot this month! Rocky road continues to be a firm favourite, and apparently my personal favourite dinner recipe did too!

Chocolate Oreo Cupcakes

Mushroom & Lentil Bolognese

Rocky road

Vegan rocky road


I’m a book geek – if you follow me on Snapchat you’ll see I can often be found with a book on my lunch break, in the evening, or at any time I have time to kill. So I thought I’d start sharing what I’ve been reading here, in case any of you are interested too.


Girl Boss, by Sophia Amoruso. This was one of those books that’s been on the periphery of my book-awareness for some time, and I finally decided to get it. It’s an inspirational read – I recommend it if you’re stuck in any kind of rut and need a little life “inspiration”.

Eat Right, by Nick Barnard. I won this in a competition – it’s better for meat eaters or vegetarians, but there’s some good sections on fermenting foods for all types of foodies! I’ve not tried any of the recipes yet.

Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking, by Dana Shultz (from Minimalist Baker). I read this from cover to cover the moment I got home to the Amazon delivery! I love Dana’s recipes on her website and it seemed only fair that I therefore buy the book! I’ve only had time to make one recipe so far – a “Thick Chilli” and it was brilliant! Easy to follow, well written and nothing too complicated: aka perfect. I love the addition of nutritional information for each recipe too, which sits at the end of the book.


All the Birds in the Sky, by Charlie Jane Anders. I loved this book. It was a perfect, crazy yet charming combination of modern day, science and magic. Like ‘The Big Bang Theory’ meets ‘Harry Potter’ or something! I couldn’t put it down.

Silence, by Tim Lebbon. I picked this one up at a Forbidden Planet in Birmingham, whilst waiting for some tofu dogs to steam at a nearby mostly-vegan café! I somehow ended up with a signed version too, though this was by accident to be honest. I’d never heard of Tim Lebbon before reading Silence, however I would read future/other works in the future. Once I got over his preferred “tell not show” method of writing, I really got in to the story and wasn’t ready for the end. I needed a few more chapters for closure. It was a bit spooky too, and I ended up with a few odd dreams towards the end.

Other t’ings

This little blog, Made by Luci ,was shortlisted at the Health Blog Awards for ‘Best Vegan Blog’ – the voting closed yesterday, and if you voted, thank you very much! It’s down to the judging now, but I’m still just amazed to have made it that far
»  Shortlisted for ‘Best Vegan Blog’ at the Health Blog Awards

I finally wrote up my review of Mildreds in London. We went to the (very busy) Soho branch and I’m already trying to work out when I can go back for another delish Vegan meal!
»  Mildreds, London Restaurant Review

Adam and I went to our first big Vegan “festival” in April – VegFest Bristol! I’ve never been around so many other plant-based people before, and the vibe was brilliant. Busy as hell, especially when the weather determined that everybody should crowd into the three marquees! I’ve not written anything on this yet.

What does June hold?

My tastes have been all over the shop lately, and looking ahead I think recipes will reflect that! Soups, oats, bakes and snacks are all in development at the moment! I’m also planning on starting a monthly “blogger” series, focussing on trying to give back to the blogging community, or share whatever I can. As a web developer I find a lot of things natural, or easy, that I’ve found others struggle with, and in other areas I’ve simply tried and tested lots of different things, so want to share anything useful with you guys too.

Breaking news!

I’m putting together a little e-book! It’s going to be a collection of healthy zoat recipes, with an options for plain oats and proats for each one. Are you excited? I am! (And, slightly daunted). Let me know if you’re interested in the book below, or any where you like? What do you prefer? Instagram? Twitter, Facebook? Or maybe Tumblr? I have so many!

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