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So… May. It was long, it was sunny (!) and it was unbearably sad at times here in Manchester. While all that was happening, things kept to their usual flow over here at Made by Luci: I even made a video of me making Granola and shared my favourite chocolate and Oreo creation yet.

Recipes from May

Reviews and other things

Hello Manchester

I’ve been working in my new role now for a full month and really enjoying it. The switch to public transport sits much better with me as well: I don’t like driving, and I want to help the environment any way I can. One less car driving back and forth can only be a good thing! I love Manchester, despite only having lived here since November. The terrorist bombing hasn’t changed that, only re-enforced it.

This month’s most popular posts

A big change up in what you guys are loving this month – my coffee round ups for the big chains in the UK – so far I have Starbucks and Costa Coffee done, and I recently got an email from Café Nero with a link to their information so that’ll be up soon.

Starbucks (UK) Vegan Drinks

Costa Coffee Vegan Drinks

Vegan drinks and vegan food at Costa Coffee

Irresistible Oreo Chocolate Cupcakes


So my intense consumption of books has slowed down a little – since I’ve been off work for two weeks, I’ve not had my usual hour-long spot. Still, I managed to read five books and start a sixth!

Cupcakes, Trinkets, and Other Deadly Magic by Meghan Ciana Doidge. This was my favourite from this month – mostly because it had several things that I love: magic, cake and a reasonable storyline.

Grief is the Thing with Feathers by Max Porter. I read this to help with dealing with my own grief – it’s like a poem crossed with a story. It’s beautiful.

Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee. I bought this as a real paperback, rather than a Kindle book. I prefer to get “classics” as things I can hold, keep, and pass on in the future. A sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird, this book is… amazing. If you read one book this year, read this one.

Insight by Jamie Magee. This seemed very… immature. Perhaps that unfair, but I just felt the characters were quite shallow. The story was enjoyable though, and if the sequels come on offer, I’ll probably get them.

Deep Down by Brenda Rothert. I literally finished this today! There’s a darkness to this but it’s generally a happy story and not overly complex.

What’s happening in June?

With my new role and my new commute, I’m going to hold my hands up and admit that I’m not really sure what’s coming in June! I’ve got some lemon cupcakes prepped and ready to share, and a strawberry cheesecake oatmeal… but that’s it. I need to get back into the kitchen ASAP!

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