Super Easy Mocha Latte

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Vegan Mocha Latte

We all have a favourite hot drink, right? A drink that we can turn to as a reliable source of comfort on those days after a night of just simply just not being unable to drift off to sleep. Or for the days when the wind whips through your jacket, rain lashes your hair to your forehead and your hands are like little blocks of numb ice attached to your arms. Enough of English weather (in August, I would like to point out)… this is my homemade vegan mocha latte.

Vegan Mocha Latte

My order at places like Costa, Nero and Starbucks is usually some kind of sweetened, soy milk cappuccino. For example, this week? This week, I’ve been experimenting with a mixture of hazelnut and vanilla. The sweetener addition is on top of the obvious soy (/almond/coconut) swap, and my decaffeinated or ‘one shot’ request. I think that baristas everywhere hate me.
I like to use the app for Starbucks because it means I don’t have to actually see their faces when I say it all.

Vegan Mocha Latte

I don’t keep any syrups at home (anymore), so I can’t make my usual. Instead, I make myself a cup of this simple, chocolatey, (sometimes) caffeinated beverage: my vegan mocha latte. Dairy free, just sweet enough to soothe my internal sugar dragon, and super easy.
And as you can see, I like to enjoy it with a little extra chocolate, and occasionally a biscuit as well.

Vegan supermarket biscuits?

I’ve found out in the last 1 months that many of the cheaper biscuit ranges are accidentally vegan. I have a horribly annoying habit of spending copious amounts of time checking the packaging. I know, it seems like it shouldn’t be possible! But, well, to the best of my knowledge what I’ve been buying are OK! Our favourites are Oaties and Ginger Snaps right now, from Tesco. Oats biscuits and ginger… it’s not really a shock, is it?

Vegan Mocha Latte

Make it your own

I change the amount of sweetener every time I make this. Sometimes, it’s a tablespoon of maple syrup. Others, a teaspoon of sugar. A lot of the time, none at all. Start with a little (or none) and adjust to your taste buds/cravings at that moment.

I’m just gonna put this out there: cinnamon.

If you like cinnamon, try making a vegan mocha latte with a dash of cinnamon. I love this one, especially in the afternoon with an Oatie biscuit, or one of these Oat & Raisin cookies.

Mocha Latte

Rich with chocolate, made bittersweet with coffee and then mixed with a dairy free milk, you can enjoy a vegan mocha latte in under five minutes.
Prep Time 1 minute
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 3 minutes
Servings 1


  • 1 cup dairy free milk my favourite is Oatly Barista for this
  • 1 tbsp hot chocolate powder
  • 1-2 shots espresso *
  • Sweetener optional, to taste
  • ⅛ to ¼ ground cinnamon optional, to taste


  • Heat up the dairy free milk in a saucepan or in the microwave.
  • Meanwhile, mix together the coffee and hot chocolate powder, with any sweeteners and/or cinnamon if using.
  • Combine the coffee/chocolate mixture with the warmed milk and either pulse in a blender until frothy, or use a handheld milk frother for the same affect (this is what I do).


* No espresso? No problem! Mix 1-2 teaspoons of instant coffee with a few tablespoons of hot water
Rich with chocolate, made bittersweet with coffee and then mixed with a dairy free milk, you can enjoy a vegan mocha latte in under five minutes.

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