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Did you know a crazy amount of high street products are tested on animals? Because I sure didn’t! I just assumed no self-respecting company would need to test that eating their moisturiser, or rubbing their face scrub into an eyeball, would hurt. But, it turns out – many do. Including some of my previous favourites, which was really disappointing! So, whilst I was transitioning my daily food, I’ve also been replacing my beauty products, as they run out.

One of the first things I needed was new night time products. At the time, my skin was going through a very sensitive phase. My eczema had, for the first time, spread to my face: the centre of my forehead, to be exact. Not cool! So when my average-joe moisturiser ran out, I decided that maybe I needed to be a bit more careful in my next selection? As well as making sure that this time, no rabbits (or other animals) were harmed. I defaulted to an easy choice: Lush. They’re well known for being against animal testing, and I’d seen their products mentioned a few times by vegans on Facebook. They even have the lots of products that are certified vegan. Perfect for a beginner like me.

I went in not quite knowing what to expect, and found a brilliant store assistant to help me. I left with two new products, and a considerable dent in my bank balance, compared to what I was used to spending! I also added in a brilliant find from TK Maxx. Since then (it’s been at least four months!) I’ve been following the same nightly routine.

My nightly facial routine

I wash my face at least twice in the evening, after removing my make up. A lot of the time, if my skin is very sensitive that day, I just use a cloth and warm water. However at least once a week I’ll commit to exfoliating it too, because a nice gentle scrub is supposed to help (or so I’ve been told!).

If I’ve used a product to wash and/or exfoliate, I follow with a few drops of rosehip oil. I rub the oil in all over my face and neck and concentrate on on any particularly dry spots. Then, I potter about tidying up the mess I’ve made, prep anything I need for the next morning (like my gym kit) and let the oil soak in for a few minutes.

Finally, I follow up with a moisturiser. A dab about a.. pea-sized amount, perhaps a bit more, onto my finger and again, rub in well all over my face and neck. Then, bed. With a nice and shiney face.

The products

Lush ‘Angels on Bare Skin’ Scrub

I think this might be one of their gentlest cleansers! It’s made with ground almonds and contains things like lavender, chamomile and rose. It’s not only really gentle and calming for your skin, I find the smell pretty relaxing too. I just take some in the palm of my hand (it’s like a solid paste) and mix with warm water until I get a thick paste. Then a scrub like heck with my face over the sink because I have yet to use this without making a mess!

In fact, the mess is probably the most annoying thing about it. Other than that, I love it. It’s been perfect for my sensitive, eczema prone skin!

RosehipPLUS™ Rosehip Oil

I found this at my local TK Maxx and have been trying to find it there again since, because I’m down to about one quarter of a bottle! However it’s super easy to use and, unlike the scrub, mess free. It came with a little pipette built in to the lid – which makes squeezing out just a few drops really easy. I’ve knocked it over so many times, it probably spends more time horizontal than it does vertical and it has yet to leak too!

Lush ‘Celestial’ Face Moisturiser

This is the one that hurts my bank balance the most. Although, it’s still nowhere near what some people pay for their moisturisers! Celestial is aimed at people with sensitive skin and contains yet more almonds – this time as milk and oil! It is a little on the oily side, however since using it my face has been: free of dry patches, redness free, is super soft to touch, so I don’t mind rocking the shiny look at night… (OK, I mind a bit!). Compared to the Angels on Bare Skin, I’m not so fussed about the smell of this one: it smells a bit more processed and more like a traditional moisturisers.

And that’s all I do and use! I don’t have the patience for anything more.

If you like this kind of post – let me know! Or, similarly, if you dislike it tell me that too. It’s just something new I’m toying with as I continue on this path to a completely cruelty free life.

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