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Beauty Tips for New Mums

I’ll get right into it – my top new mum beauty tips are pretty simple? The first rule of thumb, rather than tip… Stop. Just, stop. Seriously, stop. Stop beating yourself up. Stop thinking you should be doing it better. Stop thinking you’re doing it wrong. Stop thinking you should be able to find the time.

You’ve been up all night (or it feels like it because let’s face it, two lots of 30-minute snoozes stolen somewhere between 11 pm and 4 am do not count) and looking in the mirror causes you to grimace but trying to squeeze in a full-on beauty regime really won’t help. Nor will beating yourself up because so-and-so up the road had a full face on yesterday. My beauty tips for new mums are all about being kind to yourself – with a dash of common sense thrown in for good measure.

1. Lower your expectations

I’m not a beauty writer. I’m guessing a beauty writer wouldn’t have “lower your expectations” in a new mum beauty tips blog but, I’m not so I will. You have a newborn/infant /toddler (or two. Or three): you’re not going to have time. Time to cleanse, exfoliate, serum and moisturise every night. Time to have time to do a full face every morning.  Hell, some days you probably won’t have time to shower! Or you will, but you won’t have time to wash your hair. So, lower your expectations and prioritise.
My prioritized make up

2. Prioritise

New mum beauty tip number two: prioritise what’s important to you. Personally, I prefer mascara over everything else, closely followed by CC cream. I am quite happy leaving pretty much everything else these days.

But, if I have more time and fancy looking a bit more put together than my ‘mum bun + mascara’ look, I literally make a priority list in my head of what I’d like to add. You never know when a baby will wake, so each item has to be finished in under two minutes! Eyeliner. Lipstick. Bronzer. All these are perfectly self-contained little makeup additions!

Recently, eyeliner has moved right up the list because I got some for Christmas, and the twins have been taking are finally napping for more than 30 minutes most mornings. If I feel like more coverage makeup that day, I’ll layer on a touch of concealer (touch? Who am I kidding. Thick, thick layer). Then add some bronzer to warm up my very pale complexion. On the other hand, if I know I don’t have enough time I just dab on some ByBi Babe Balm onto my lips and cheekbone, hope to get a ‘dewy glow’ and call it done.

Most days I don’t make it past mascara and eyeliner. If I get there at all!

Prioritise what's important to you from your make up drawer

At night I just use coconut oil and reusable wipes to remove any makeup I might have on. If I have the energy, I’ll use some cleanser. But to be honest, a lot of the time I just use a hot flannel and scrub my face a few times. My priority is always moisturiser. I always put on two lots (thanks, dry skin) – one before I brush my teeth, and one after.

3. Treat yourself

In contrast to the other two points, do remember to treat yourself. Having a baby is stressful. In so many ways! And on so many levels! Especially if you’re a first-time mum: hello second-guessing! Are they too hot? Too cold? Is that cough chesty? Or just a tickle? Are they teething? Have they slept enough? Have they slept too much? Are they teething? Is it a growth spurt? Why are they so moody today? Are they sick? Are they teething?

(We get asked that a lot for our two, because at 7 months they still have no teeth!)

Finding half an hour to myself with two babies is… difficult. If I get the chance, I like to have a bath. I pour a glass of wine, carefully run upstairs with the wine, start the taps going and drop in a heaping amount of bubble bath or a Lush bath bomb. I gather up my Kindle, a towel and dash back into the bathroom before my husband can change his mind (or either baby can have a meltdown).

Are baths not your thing?

  • Lock yourself away and pop on a face mask while enjoying a gin and tonic (or an orange juice… Alcohol doesn’t have to be involved).
  • Paint your nails – or book in and get them done somewhere!
  • Arrange to have your hair cut
  • Get a massage
  • Read a book for more than 30 seconds
Don't forget to treat yourself, when you can

My go-to products at the moment

Now that I have to prioritize, I don’t have time for naff products. I have favourites that I have to have in

  • My go-to vegan mascara: Gosh Rebel Eyes Mascara. It doesn’t break the bank (I usually find it for about £9) and you can pick it up on the high street.
  • My new-love eyeliner: Kat Von D Tattoo Eyeliner. A bit more pricey (about £17) but this is what I got for Christmas and it’s absolutely brilliant.
  • My favourite vegan facial moisturisers: I get through far more moisturisers than mascara, so I have a few favourites here:
    • Sukin Sensitive Facial Moisturiser – for when my eczema is flaring up
    • Superdrug Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream – a good one for dry skin
    • Yaoh Moisturiser – very fragrant and a bit tropical
  • When I have time to cleanse/otherwise treat my face
    • ByBi Prime Time – this polish? Scrub? Smells amazing! I love using this first thing in the morning when I can.
    • Skin Blossom Gentle Cleansing Milk – my current go-to cleanser because it’s so gentle on my sensitive skin.

What’s your beauty priority?

Let me know below whats your beauty priority is because I’d love to hear what makes you feel at your best (or as good as you can) after one of those nights. You know the nights, the ones where you sort of welcome and sort of hate the morning because it means the night is over?

Beauty Tips for New Mums

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