Neapolitan Chia Seed Pudding

neapolitan chia seed pudding

Whoever said that a healthy breakfast had to also be a boring breakfast has clearly never been around my brain! Make healthy breakfasts fun again with this Neapolitan inspired chia seed pudding. Simply prep the night before and add it all together in the morning!

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Vegan Chocolate Mousse (gluten free)

Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse – the ultimate “lighter” option for dessert, when you’re feeling pretty full but still need something sweet and chocolaty to finish up. I used to think “no eggs” meant “goodbye chocolate mousse” but then aquafaba started taking over the world.

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Costa Coffee Vegan Drinks

Vegan drinks and vegan food at Costa Coffee

Ever find yourself walking into a coffee shop – especially the chain ones that are like, every ten feet, and feeling overwhelmed by the generic menu boards and no obvious allergen menu? And let’s not forget the queue of impatient people that don’t want to hang around! Well, here’s my solution to that, one chain at a time. This time: vegan Costa Coffee drinks!

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Meatless Monday: Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff

Vegan mushroom stroganoff

It sounds like a walking contradiction doesn’t it? A vegan stroganoff? I mean, yes a vegetarian mushroom stroganoff is pretty common but… a vegan mushroom stroganoff? How can I remove the meat AND the sour cream and still dare to append the word ‘stroganoff’ at the end! Well… I’m not a chef, that’s how. I just like food.

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On the blog this month – January

January Round up - everything from lentil chilli to coconut + strawberry cupcakes!

January was a long month – in terms of actual weeks (I swear it’s five…) and just as post-December blues set in. Did you know there were OVER TEN new posts this month? There was! Find out if you missed one in this months round up.

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Easy ‘Pink’ Vegan Pancakes (gluten free)

Easy Pink Vegan Pancakes

Before you get all skeptical, do your breakfast a favour and at least TRY these gluten free vegan pancakes. There’s even the added bonus of pink batter! Plus, I recommend serving them stacked up high on a plate: there’s something utterly delightful about seeing a stack of pancakes…. I like to compare it to sandwiches cut on the diagonal.

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Bourbon Lentil Chilli (vegan, gluten free)

Bourbon Vegan Lentil Chilli

I make chilli at home pretty often – we’re talking a few times a month, minimum – so every now and again I need to switch things up! Otherwise, dinner would get boring and that’s not cool. So, say hello to this twist on the classic: maple and bourbon lentil chilli! It’s vegan, gluten free and easy.

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