Squeezing in Workouts

So, a question I get asked a lot is where I fit ‘it all’ in – referring to the cooking, the exercise. Well, my first response is that I don’t have children! If I did, I would have to find a whole new way to squeeze everything in, and I imagine my routine would look very different.

However, that said, my second response? I get up early and get in my workouts then. That’s it. I’ve found, through trial and error, that despite my better runs and workouts being completed in the afternoon, I am often likely to procrastinate so much that I end up not doing most planned afternoon/evening workouts, especially if they are planned for after work!

, The night before, I get out my kit. For running, that means shoes, socks, sports bratop and leggings. For the gym, that means packing my work clothes, lifting gloves, gym towel and shower towel towel; laying out my gym kit – shoes, sports bra, leggings and a top. As it gets colder, that’ll include jogging bottoms and a hoodie for the drive.

My alarms go off at about 5.45-6am, Monday to Friday. Saturday and Sunday I let myself wake up naturally, and that tends to be about 6.45-7.30am these days – I’m sure as winter rolls in that’ll get later! Then its straight into whatever kit is laid out, usually with my eyes closed. I have been known to find out, as I get changed after my workout, that a top or sports bra is inside out! Ah well.

I like to be about the door by 6.10am – that way I can get in a run of nearly an hour if I want to, or if I’m on a shorter run, I can sometimes get in a quick yoga video. It means I can be at the gym near work (about 30 miles away!) by 6.45am and get a good solid hour in there too.

All in all, by the time 9am rolls around my fitness workout for the day is done and anything else is a bonus. I like to try and walk up the stairs at least once, and ideally I get to 10,000 steps a day but don’t beat myself up about it! I have a FitBit to keep track which makes things easy. On rest days, I try to get a walk down to the shops or something in – not ideal, since I end up spending money!

So.. that’s it really. I get up early and get the workouts in before my brain catches up to me. That way, when I roll in home at nearly 6pm and don’t feel like working out, it doesn’t matter. It’s done. I can take my time making a nice dinner and relax a little.

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