• Love it or Hate it, it’s Marmite Porridge

    You know what they say about Marmite… you’re either going to love it, or hate it. I’m a “love it” kind of girl. I dip veggies in it. I spread it on toast, on it’s own. I spread it on toast with peanut butter. I put it into oats.

    Wait, what?

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  • Gingerbread Oatmeal Recipe

    Whether you call it oatmeal or porridge, if you like Gingerbread, you’ll like this recipe. Spicy, warming and delicious, this spicy, healthy gingerbread oatmeal recipe will fill you up AND warm you up ’til lunch.

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  • Chocolate Orange Oatmeal

    Apart from breakfast, I’d say dessert is a close runner-up in my favourite things to eat. And recently, my sweet tooth has been screaming out at me in the morning – therefore, the dessert for breakfast theme has been continuing! Now, one of my top chocolates to eat has always been a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. […]

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