Cruelty Free Beauty: Teal Anchor Vanilla Scrub Review *

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Cruelty Free Beauty: Teal Anchor Vanilla Scrub Review

Following on from my earlier post on the products I use as part of my cruelty free night routine, I had quite a lot of good feedback so I thought I’d continue with a few more non-food related, cruelty free beauty posts! This time, I wanted to share my current favourite exfoliant. It is summer after all, and that means that my milk bottle white legs need to be scrubbed and (fake) tanned!

Cruelty Free Beauty: Teal Anchor Vanilla Scrub Review

I’m a big fan of reducing the amount of chemicals I put on and in my body – but it’s not something I succeed with on a regular basis! However in the past one thing I have experimented with is sugar scrubs! If you haven’t done it yet, you’ve gotta give them a go. If you get or make the right ones, they’re extra awesome because if you get a bit peckish in the shower you can have a little munch while you exfoliate….

…or is that just me?

Cruelty Free Beauty: Teal Anchor Vanilla Scrub Review

So anyway, on with the review! You now know I like to eat my beauty products… was that any surprise? That’s why one of the first things that impressed me about the vanilla scrub I’m using at the moment was the ingredients list:

Coconut Oil
Green Tea
Sweet Almond Oil
CI:19140 (Colouring)
Vanilla Essential Oil

Now obviously you shouldn’t be eating it by the spoonful but yes, I have had a little nibble. But I’m skipping ahead. After checking out the ingredients, I popped the lid open and took a good whiff. The smell is a sweet vanilla, not too overpowering and very pleasant. I was impressed. Sometimes vanilla smells can be artificial and (in my opinion) horrible but the natural ingredients meant that it was subtle and yet really awesome at the same time.
Cruelty Free Beauty: Teal Anchor Vanilla Scrub Review

How often do I exfoliate?

The recommendation on the Teal Anchor Vanilla Scrub is to use the product once a week, however I’m a rebel. My skin is very dry and as you might have read before, prone to eczema. As long as I don’t have any open sores, I like to give my legs a good exfoliate twice a week. It keeps them feeling super smooth! I haven’t had a problems using it twice a week, and I don’t expect to. I would note though – I moisturise my legs twice a day as well, to keep them from getting dry. With such a high content of oil, I highly doubt this sugar scrub would ever dry out skin but still – I am going against the recommendations. And getting through it twice as fast.

How does my skin feel after?

I’m always worrying about dry skin – I moisturise my legs at least twice a day. There’s a joke that if I was stranded on a desert island and could only take three things with me, one of the items would be moisturiser! Sometimes when I’ve used previous scrubs, especially cheaper ones that are full of who only knows what, my skin feels tight and dehydrated after using; however I never feel like that after using this one! I think it must be the natural coconut and essential oils that get worked in to the skin even as the sugar scrubs it.


Very good! All that I want from a scrub and a pretty big pot too. It smells good, tastes good and does my skin good. Impressive!

My path to a cruelty free beauty regime continues - next stop: exfoliating scrubs! This Teal Anchor vanilla scrub gets extra points since it's also yummy!

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