My transition to cruelty free: no eggs

You may have read my first post on this, ‘Transitioning to a cruelty-free lifestyle‘ that I put up a little while ago. The internet didn’t explode in hatred and actually, I received some quite nice comments from people who found interesting.

So, I thought I’d continue with the brave blogging thing and also continue on with talking about my transition to a plant-based way of eating (most people define my choices as “vegan” – read the above post for why I hesitate to define myself as that in my head). I’ve noticed a lot of curiosity about it and I’m happy to share if people want to know! So I’m going to break down the key areas as I see them, discussing the key turning point for me and how I’ve found living a life without them. First up: eggs.

What was the tipping point?

I get asked this a lot: what made you go Vegan? Well, nothing made me, it was entirely voluntary! But the tipping point with eggs was the male chicks. They’re all killed. Just because they’re male.

That knowledge sat, a sharp, prickly Thing in the back of my mind for some time whilst I ignored it.

It rolled around, content to exist and know that it was making me uncomfortable, until finally it rolled around enough and prickled my mind enough that I had to take note.

I actually remember specifically when I realised this: it an evening baking session, I’d agreed to bake some macarons for work for a gluten-free colleague. Macarons involve egg whites, but it wasn’t a problem because I had our ‘friendly’ eggs! So I got out all my other ingredients and was about to get cracking (pardon the pun) when… I found myself really upset. Jeez, I sound like a stereotypical hippy, don’t I? But I was genuinely upset (and surprised to be so).

So, I made the macarons. And then told Adam I wouldn’t be eating or baking with eggs any more.

What I’ve found works best is honesty.

I don’t pretend to not still like eggs

People ask me if I miss them, and I’m honest: yes! I especially missed eating eggs in the beginning, because going plant-based meant giving up dippy eggs and soldiers (soft boiled eggs with toast cut into slim rectangles, or vegetables). To put this in perspective: on my last day of being an average-joe-foodie, I was treated to breakfast in bed and my one request? Dippy eggs!

So, when people ask I tell them the truth: it was not an easy decision: I love dippy eggs. I will wax lyrical about them! I love dipping toast in them. Roasted broccoli stalk soldiers. Tenderstem broccoli. Asparagus soldiers. Butternut squash soldiers… the list goes on.

But my opinions and values changed. Priorities shifted and I had to take a pretty honest look at myself. I often refer to my literary heroes when in need of sage advice and one of them paraphrased my feelings on this beautifully, in a film adaptation:

We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (the film, 2005) – Dumbledore

So, my love of dippy eggs? Set to the side. No, it wasn’t easy to begin with, but I think it’s the right thing to do: it’s a bigger issue, one far bigger than I could ever hope to resolve on my own, but I can be part of a wider movement. A wider protest. I can’t sit and enjoy a dippy egg whilst another part of my brain logs all the things I don’t agree with that occured just so I could dip a vegetable in a bit of yolk! It’s not always the easiest (seriously they add egg to tonnes on things you wouldn’t think!) but my soul is happier.

Do I miss eating eggs?

No, not now. I’m about five months in and as time has gone on, I don’t crave them now. I can bake my own egg-free alternatives if I want cakes or cookies, and I sense an attempt at aquafaba macarons in my future to tackle that old love of mine.

I think that covers all the usual questions I get – if you have any more questions feel free to ask away! You can comment below or I’m on all the usual social medias (links below and to the side… I’m feeling too lazy to type the all out again!)

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