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I’ve been on a little jolly again! This time, to my closest city in terms of distance and yet also my least visited: Coventry. I’ve visited a Cosy Club before, incidentally, when I was last in Bristol – however it was also very late, and purely for a cocktail. But – that cocktail left a lasting memory because it was so good and.. well when the chance came up to to have another, the train tickets were booked faster than you can say “cocktail”!

So, train, you say? Yes, the train. We could of course have driven to our little couples brunch, but I wanted another of those ‘Cherry Bakewell’ cocktails I’d sampled when in Bristol, or perhaps two cocktails, so cars were banned for the day!

My first impressions of this Cosy Club were that it reminded of my local Bacco Lounge, actually. I think the two chains must be connected somewhere along the ownership chain because not only do they look the same, their menus and the menu set up are also very similar. However, in this case that’s a good thing because they have a separate vegan menu (and also a separate gluten free menu).

I’d decided to book a table at 1pm, so when we arrived we already had a table ready – this was a bonus but not required. There was plenty of other diners already, but also no concerns about a queue forming because the place is pretty damn big! It’s up some stairs, but there is a lift for access right next to the entrance too.

Cocktail o’clock!

After being shown to our table, and asking for the vegan menu, we actually decided to peruse the drink menu first. Whilst I’d been originally tempted by my memory of the cherry bakewell cocktail, I ended up ordering something less sweet: the English Garden cocktail. It was gin based, and involved cucumber. What can I say? I love gin. Adam decided to order by name (this involves picking one with either the funniest or most interesting name) and ordered a Cosy Swizzle, which came with some fresh passion fruit on top (a win for me because I love passion fruits and Adam does not so, guess who got to eat the passion fruit?). There was a bit of a wait to receiving the drinks, but no longer than I’d expect having ordered two long cocktails instead of just beer, wine or soft drinks.

Get down to the food!

Since we were out for lunch, rather than dinner, we skipped starters. Starters usually feel like a dinner thing, for some reason. With that said, we went straight in for main courses. I’d toyed with the idea of ordering their “Mediterranean Salad” (plum tomatoes, green beans, black olives, red onion, cucumber, fresh mint and wild rocket with a balsamic dressing) but was told, in no uncertain terms, to get some carbs in – it’s my OH’s current obsession, telling me to eat starchy carbs. I’m not adverse to the idea so decided that actually the “Vegan Breakfast” sounded very much up my street with it’s roasted red peppers and field mushrooms, so ordered that instead. I also asked for the extra spinach because I am like the female version of Popeye with my spinach!

The food came quicker than I expected, given the amount of people that were sat around us and was presented pretty well too! I especially love the cute beans pot for my breakfast, because I am one of those people who doesn’t like her beans to ‘mingle’. No bean juice for my spinach, thank you! All the items in my breakfast were heated through well (no cold beans here!) and it was all cooked well. There wasn’t much seasoning or spices on anything, so I took the liberty myself.

I admit the fried potatoes, whilst nice, aren’t my thing, so I gave most to Adam in exchange for some slightly less fried chips. I think, my main observation of this Vegan Breakfast, was that it needed a bit of vegan-friendly sausage, and some herbs. All of the vegetables are delicious but I was hungry about 30 minutes after we left!

Grilled tomato, field mushroom, tomato & basil frittter, wood-roasted peppers, fried potatoes and baked beans with sourdough toast (with extra spinach)

Adam ordered the Thai burger and surprised me by not asking to upgrade his fries to the sweet potato variety like he nearly always does – instead, he added hummus to his burger. Because a lunch without hummus, for this man, is a lunch not worth having, apparently.

This burger was, he declared after one bite, a complete K.F.J: Knife and Fork Job – I think the hummus added to the situation, but basically the patty reduced to a flavourful mush after being gripped in the bun after not an awful lot of pressure! I tried some though, and it was very nice, with the Thai-inspired flavours like ginger and lemongrass (or what I thought was ginger and lemongrass at any rate) coming though. The fries were also crispy but not greasy so I pinched (quite) a few. Adam did note after we left that it wasn’t quite up to temperate though – and even allowing for a minute of photography, it had clearly been sat waiting on the side a little too long. Still, he demolished the entire plateful without complaint so… not a huge detriment, clearly!

Thai-Spiced Quinoa Burger with edamame beans, pak choi, wood-roasted peppers, coconut sauce and sweet chilli jam in a sourdough bun, with house slaw and fries (and extra hummus)

We forewent dessert in favour of grabbing a coffee on the way to our next stop (Birmingham) but if it had been a hot summer’s day, instead of a chilly, rainy one, the Marshfield Farm Orange, mango and blackcurrant sorbet would probably have gone down a treat!


Really very good, to be honest! It was so nice to walk into just a regular bar-restaurant and be able to order vegan food with ease. I really don’t like the hassle of having to make substitutions and special requests most the time! There was a good selection of meals available too – from simple brunches (hello avocado on toast), to burgers; and from salad, to sandwiches! With tapas in between!

I have to give proper credit to our waitress as well. She was really friendly without being overbearingly so. She was cheerful and helpful, prompt but not pushy.

Would we return?

So, would I eat here again? Yes, definitely. Cosy Club has venues across the UK, so it’s really comforting (hah!) to know I can nip into one for any meal and find something with ease that actually tastes good.

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