Travelling Foodie Review: Vegan food at Pizza Hut (Manchester)

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Vegan Food at Pizza Hut - Reviewed!

Who loves pizza? Luci loves pizza. If you saw ‘Kenan and Kel’ way back when on Nickelodeon just replace ‘pizza’ with ‘orange soda’ and you’ve got the tone I said that with. Pizza is so… satisfying to eat, don’t you think? A freshly baked bread base, lashing of vegetables on top… yum.

Vegan Food at Pizza Hut - Reviewed!

Now, one pizza place that I used to go to regularly when I was… considerably younger… with my family was Pizza Hut. I can still remember what we got now: a large stuffed crust base, one half with chicken and the other with ham or pepperoni. My brother and I would studiously avoid the salad bar, and look hopefully up over at the ice cream factory when the waitress asked about dessert. Oh, how times have changed! Since giving up cheese, I haven’t stepped foot in a Pizza Hut… until they recently announced they were going to start serving vegan cheese!

Vegan cheese at Pizza Hut

Yes, you read that right – dairy-free cheese has arrived at Pizza Huts all over the country. Unlike restaurants like Zizzi, who had a kind of liquid-like faux mozzarella, Pizza Hut has gone with Violife cheddar – in my opinion, the better of the two choices.

So, let’s get down to it: when my OH and I went to Pizza Hut, what did we eat, and what did we think?

We get things pretty carbalicious with our order, aside from a couple of fruit juices (one apple, one orange) we ordered:

  • a sharing ‘pan’ veggie pizza, with vegan cheese
  • two (free) salad bowls
  • a side order of chips

Ironically, they called the ‘pan’ base “the fat one”, which I kind of resented. I just fancied an American-style pizza as a change to the Italian-style we usually order… not being called fat! But, silly names aside, the only other thing I noted whilst ordering was that the vegan cheese is charged at a £1 supplement (at the time of writing), which I assume is to cover the higher cost.

Vegan Food at Pizza Hut - Reviewed!

The salad bar isn’t too bad for vegans. Unfortunately, nothing was labelled at our local restaurant, so we just sort of guessed and assumed that all the vegetables and salad leaves were fine, the pastas were not, any creamy sauces were not, and I assumed the tortilla chips and couscous were fine as well. I’ve since checked on their nutritional sheet and I was (thankfully) correct with those assumptions. Amusingly, the “bacon bits” are also vegan!

The pizza was… really good, actually. I loved the ‘fat’ base, it had a real sink your teeth into its texture, and they hadn’t skimped on the vegetables. The cheese wasn’t all that evenly distributed – so we got some slices with hardly any cheese, and then others with plenty. There is clearly less cheese than on a regular cheese pizza… which I’m not sure how I feel about since it’s charged extra for. As mentioned already, the cheese is the same Violife ‘cheddar’ that you can pick up from the supermarket. It’s quite a mild cheese and still has a very nice taste melted. It does sort of… stick? To the roof of your mouth, but I prefer that to the watery ‘mozzarella’ personally.
Was it big enough? I had my fill after three slices – like, stick a fork in me, I was done – but Adam didn’t even slow down when he finished off his fourth and final slice. He insists he could probably eat nearly eat a whole one all to himself, which, given that he would normally order a Romana or the equivalent at Pizza Express and Zizzi etc, I wasn’t all that surprised. So, if you’re planning on sharing a pizza between two and you both have appetites (or are just super hungry), consider getting more sides… or an extra pizza!

A quick note on the chips: perfectly lovely, restaurant chips. Not too crispy, not too oily. Went down very well with some BBQ sauce!

Vegan Food at Pizza Hut - Reviewed! Vegan Food at Pizza Hut - Reviewed!


Would I go again? Without a doubt. I think I’ll try the flatbread base next time, to mix things up, although that probably means getting a pizza each.
I’d quite like to see the option to have vegan cheese pizzas in the buffet (on request, understandably) in the future, so I’ll keep an ear out for that happening. I think that’d make a big difference to drop-in traffic at lunchtimes).
Whilst we were devouring our pizza, my OH and discussed that it’d be great if you have young children, and they want to go to their friends birthday party at Pizza Hut, it’s suddenly much easier!

Disclaimer – we received our meal for free at Pizza Hut. However, as you can see I am 100% honest with my reviews!

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