Vegan Gift Ideas (under £20)

Vegan Gift Ideas Under 20
It’s been mentioned to me on a few occasions (at every opportunity) that I am hard to buy at the best of times. And these days? I’m now even worse. The casual cheeseboard or box of chocolates is not an option under my tree. But what seems to add to the confusion is the preconception that vegan presents are somehow more expensive, or impossible to find on a budget. Today I prove that’s just not true!

How do I prove that? By listing vegan gift ideas that can be purchased for under £20 each! Yes,it’s true. Everything from chocolate to cookbooks, nail varnish to aprons!

For the foodies…

Booja-Booja Gourmet Truffles Selection (link *)
I was bought a box of these for my birthday and can safely say that they are well worth the £20 price tag. I liked the selection box because it meant I could try every flavour and decide on my favourites too. Flavours included are: hazelnut chocolate,around midnight espresso,rum sozzled sultana, fine de champagne, almond & sea salt caramel, stem ginger.

Vegan Town ‘Treat Box’ (link)
Another present I’ve been bought previously – really fab box packed full of chocolates! You can even specify allergies so no chocolates you can’t eat sneak in to the box!

Tesco Finest ‘Free From’ Chocolate Truffles (link)
These are a recent find, actually! I was sent them for free as part of the Tesco Orchard ‘Christmas Free From’ programme and was very pleasantly surprised! Very nice flavour and a steal for £2 – would be great as a stocking filler.

iChoc Mixed Selection (link *)
By far and away my go-to dairy free chocolate brand is iChoc. I’ve had a few bars now and they don’t disappoint! The white chocolate one is up there as a Milkybar equivalent (that’s high praise from myself).

Thug Kitchen Vegan CookbookLush Snow FairyTesco Vegan Chocolate Truffles
Booja-Booja Gourmet Selection
Sukrin Vegan Gift SetBarry M Vegan Nail Varnish
Funny vegan apron

For pampering…

Natural Make up Brushes (link *)
A lot of make up brushes are made from things like horse hair and so on,but these aren’t! I don’t have them personally but I thought they looked rather good!
Sukin Gift Set (link *)
I’ve recently been converted to Sukin products after picking up a few on various shopping trips – this gift set would be lovely,vegan skin care gift and also very easy to wrap!

Lush’s Little Snow Fairy (link)
IT SMELLS LIKE CANDY. I think that’s all I have to say.It’s pink? It comes pre-wrapped too, hello easy win!

For make up lovers…

Lush lip sticks (link)
Note – I’d just double check each colour before buying! I’ve had a couple of colours so far and they stay on really well. Plus, the names are awesome and supposed to be empowering.

Kat Von D ‘ Tattoo Liner’ (link)
Kat Von D seems to be taking the vegan beauty world by storm, but I’ve not found any yet. However, black liquid eye liner is a relative staple in most make up drawers, so why not treat someone to a cruelty-free one?

Barry M nail varnishes (link *)
I am just plain bad at painting my nails, but Barry M varnishes seem relatively Luci Proof, and they’re vegan! My favourite at the moment is a red ‘Gelly’ one that I picked up in Boots, but I’ve got my eye on a deep purple one too! They’re only a few pounds each, so very accessible.

For the cooks…

Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F**k (link *)
I got this one for Christmas last year and it’s brilliant! Not found a dud recipe yet.

Ms Cupcake: The Naughtiest Vegan Cakes in Town (link *)
Again, another I got for Christmas last year and aside from the Golden Syrup Cupcakes, each recipe is amazing!

Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen (link *)
Actually on my Christmas list – Richa’s blog is full of fantastic recipes so a book filled with them can’t go wrong.

Vegetable killer apron (link *)
This is just funny! Put away the underpants ones, and try this one on for size!

Doing homemade gifts this year?

What do the asterisks mean?

Disclosure time – if the link has a * by it,it means that it’s an affiliate link and if you bought the item, I’d potentially earn a % of the sale (about 1%, I believe, comes out of Amazon’s pockets and into mine! It doesn’t cost you anything extra).

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Vegan Gift Ideas Under 20

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  1. Love this list! I’m totally going to check out that skin care set – what a great price! And YES, you do need Vegan Richa’s cookbook. I was one of her recipe testers for this book and I can assure that every single recipe is delicious!

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