What I ate today #1 (vegan) – just your average vegan food

I have a YouTube channel – who’d have thought! I have a few videos up there, and a couple more in the works so far! But, I thought it extremely important to share my first “What I ate today” video since a) I bet you’re desperate to know and b) I thought I’d walk before I can run.

Turns out these things? Running. Should of just sat in front of the camera!

Just your average vegan

I’m not high carb/low fat, 801010, RawTil4 or… anything really. I just eat a balance of what I fancy and what makes me feel good. No, these aren’t necessarily the same. I often really want to eat several cookies, or an bowl of homemade cookie batter mix or a whole bar of iChoc but I know I won’t feel great after! If I have some, I tend to have a little and then savour it.

So – my first “What I ate today” video. Let me know what you think – feedback will really help! Even if it’s criticism, I’ll only cry a little.

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2 thoughts on “What I ate today #1 (vegan) – just your average vegan food

  1. love it! so cute and the food looks delicious. one thing i always notice in ‘what i ate’ videos are a general lack of packed lunches. i guess this is because most food bloggers work from home(?) i’d be interested to see more work/school-friendly things if you make them! XXX

    1. This was a quiet Saturday for me- I actually work in an office Monday through Friday. I wasn’t sure if anyone would want to see the regular version but I’ll do that next if you like! 🙂

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