What I ate today #3- vegan food for work

What I ate today #3 - vegan food at work

What’s more fun than trying to remember to film food? How about trying to do so subtly in an office filled with regular, non-blogging folk?

In summary

  • Breakfast Berry protein porridge
  • Snack Apple; Americano with soy milk and sugar free hazenut syrup
  • Lunch Mushroom stroganoff and brown rice; celery, bell pepper, rocket & lettuce
  • Snack Christmas Pud nakd bar
  • Dinner Tofu & vegetable stir fry + courgette noodles

What you didn’t see

Is that I dropped my phone whilst trying to film my coffee, or that I also devoured a ‘Christmas Pud’ Nakd bar after lunch, and some more celery before dinner. Hey, I remembered the big ones!

What did I use?

Just my iPhone! It’s a 6S and a little buggy after I had a shattered screen replaced, but it did very well throughout the day. Thank goodness for small (technical) favours.

If you liked this one

If you liked this What I Ate Today video, I have a few more… well, two, actually:

A guide for new vegans

Obviously it’s Veganuary at the moment I found this the other day and wish I’d had a quick overview like this in my early days of giving up all the meat, dairy and eggs from my diet! Anyway, in the spirit of supporting the cause, I wanted to share it with ya’ll in case you find it helpful to!

3 thoughts on “What I ate today #3- vegan food for work

  1. Thanks for sharing the infographic 🙂 I use Pulsin protein powder (81.7g per 100) but will definitely be looking into some of those other top ones.

    I’m kinda surprised that Oxford made the list of towns that it’s good to be a vegan in haha, I really don’t think the vegan scene is that great here!

    1. I’ve only been a couple of times, pre-Vegan days so can’t remember. There’s quite a few chain cafes and restaurants so maybe it’s based on that?
      Which Pulsin powder is that? I’ve tried the Pulsin rice and the pea proteins, but can’t remember how much protein they had per 100g.. we’ve got Bulk Powders ‘Raw Vegan Protein’ and MyProtein ‘Soy Protein’ in at the moment 🙂 x

  2. I’ve been thinking more and more about veganism so I found all of that info really interesting. Loved seeing what you ate in a day as well, I find those kinds of posts so good for different foodie ideas! Your brekky looked delish as well 🙂

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

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