What’s in my gym bag?

What's in my gym bag?

What does your average person take to the gym every day? Shoes? Kit? What about when that same person has to go to work first? Suddenly space becomes a premium! And by someone… I mean me. Find out what I consider to be the “essentials” in my new Youtube video.

In summary

  • Gym clothes, including a jumper
  • Sneakers
  • Makeup remover wipes (Superdrug)
  • Code lock
  • Wireless headphones (Sudio, discount code below)
  • Lip gloss (Marks & Spencer)
  • Lip balm (BarryM)
  • Purse
  • Emergency iPhone charge pack
  • Bullet Journal (in pink)
  • Kindle (Paperwhite)

If you want your own super cute headphones, Sudio have got a great range! Plus you can get 15% OFF┬áby using madebyluci15. They’re so cute, I couldn’t resist.

Why the switch to evening workouts?

Space and time, pure and simple. When I used to drive to work I was quite happy to be on my way by 6:30am because I was on my own in my car, however day-to-day I don’t want to be on a train at that time. I don’t know why: it’s still a commute, just via a different mode of transport! My brain is weird, sometimes. Plus, I would need to carry a towel and more toiletries, which was fine when I only had to lug my bag to and from the car. However, without the car and with public transport added to the mix it was just easier to go after work. I do miss my morning workout slot though.

What’s in your gym bag?

Let me know below because I’m seriously curious about it! Am I odd? Am I missing key bits??

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