Where have I been?

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Where have I been?

Well, things have certainly been quiet around here, haven’t they? Practically tumbleweed since December! I thought it was time I came clean as to my whereabouts for the past few months and share all the big, exciting news that I promised.

I wish I could say I’d been working on a cookbook deal or a TV segment… but I can’t. That would be so amazing but alas, no. My big news is far more… domestic.

July 2018... more shoes?

Yes, there are two new things that have been “made by luci” – my OH and I are expecting twins in the summer. Eek! But that’s not all – we’ve sold our house, which was as stressful as it sounds, and finally bought a new house, which we’re hoping to have moved into before we need the little shoes!

So, vegan pregnancy?

Yes, I’m staying vegan during my pregnancy – a few people are shocked by this, many people at work are waiting for me to get a craving for a bacon sandwich – but generally, people are very supportive. As I tell the sceptical ones: neither my doctor nor the midwife had a problem with it, so I see no reason to stop.

Growing two humans is tiring

Basically, my absence was first trimester + Christmas exhaustion finally taking its toll. Combine that exhaustion with house hunting, house selling, keeping up with my full-time job, a terrible cold, and I had zero time or willpower to put the amount of effort I usually did into recipes.

Two things that have also been 'made by luci'
Say ‘hullo’ to these cuties!

When I got home from work one day, sat on the couch and realised I couldn’t bear to move again because I was so exhausted and nauseous I realised that something had to give. The only thing I could control was the time I spent blogging, and on blogging related activities. I haven’t checked my emails until yesterday! Eesh!

House selling and house buying

I can’t count the number of houses we’ve seen since October when we accepted an offer on our own home. I think it must be at least twenty. We became pros at knowing just what we would, and wouldn’t compromise on. We learnt one another’s “tells” when walking around to figure out, wordlessly, if it was worth doing a second loop.

Meanwhile, I was dealing with solicitors: never fun. We had extra fun when the local council provided the wrong search results to the buyer’s solicitors which caused weeks and weeks of confusion, which I finally managed to clear up in mid-February all by myself. Yeesh. The upside?

Luckily, we have been in rented for over year already, so we were in “no rush” to find the perfect home… except for the deadline set by the two little humans we are expecting. So… rush it was. We viewed house, after house, after house, after house, after house, after house, after house, after house…

(you get the idea)

We found one. And it wasn’t what I expected: it’s a new build, something I personally never wanted until we saw it… and I realised it ticked too many boxes to ignore. So, we’re now eagerly awaiting the builders to finish, and I finally have some semblance of my weekends back.

And that’s it, really

Yup. Summed up, it doesn’t seem like much but… boy. There are but 24 hours in a day, and when pregnancy exhaustion demands about 95% of what’s left after houses and work… well let’s just say the food we’ve been eating hasn’t exactly been gourmet, and there’s certainly been no experimenting with new meals, or even porridge flavours! I have perfected my lasagne and go-to pie recipes during this time, since they are two dishes that feed us twice! Stay tuned for those.

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